Kawai GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano

$ 100,695.00


The 7’6″ Kawai GX-7 is a semi-concert grand piano that incorporates the absolute best when it comes to materials, design, and craftsmanship. Just a step below the hand-made Shigeru Kawai grand series, this piano offers a transcendent character of overall tone and color that allows the musician to escape into the color, harmonics, and stunning subtleties this instrument offers.

The Kawai GX series is the definitive choice for churches, schools, halls, or larger venues looking for a high-end performance piano at a very reasonable price.

The GX7 BLAK piano is truly the lofty pinnacle of the GX series.

With stunning, expressive tone, an incredibly consistent touch, and an unmatched scale and design that uses old school craftsmanship with modern technology, this is a piano built to last for decades in all types of playing environments.

Visit your Kawai showroom today to experience for yourself, the wonder that is the Kawai GX-7!

Kawai GX7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano
Kawai GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano