Kawai K-300 AURES 2 Hybrid Upright Piano

$ 14,995.00$ 19,195.00


We knew that someday, state-of-the-art super technology would meet the classic past of the acoustic piano, and the resulting ‘big bang’ was going to be the creation of something that is out of this world. Well, the time is now and it has arrived!

Kawai has introduced the amazing K-300 Aures 2 piano and the response has been overwhelming. The Kawai Aures 2 not only plays as an amazing acoustic piano, suitable for all levels of player, but it’s when you begin to experiment with the other new features, you realize that this piano is truly different.

Enjoy the combination of playing your acoustic piano with stunning orchestral sounds and play along with your favorite song that streams music directly from your Smartphone or tablet and plays directly through the piano that makes you feel you are at a concert.

And when we tell you that all the amazing sound you’re hearing is created without any speakers??

You need to go to your nearest showroom and truly experience what is the wonder of the Kawai K-300 Aures 2

K300 Aures Hybrid Upright Piano
Kawai K-300 AURES 2 Hybrid Upright Piano
$ 14,995.00$ 19,195.00 Select options