Kawai K-500 AURES 2 Hybrid Upright Piano

$ 23,595.00


When Bartolomeo Cristofori built the first acoustic piano back in 1700, I’m sure he had no idea of how much the piano would change over the next 320+ years. While the basic principle remained the same, that is a hammer striking a string whose vibrations are then amplified through pieces of wood called a “soundboard”, over the last 3 centuries and particularly in the last 50 years, there have been tremendous innovations in materials and design as modern technology has brought the piano into the 21st century with exciting and unbelievable capabilities.

None more so now, than the unbelievable, new Kawai’s Aures series!

This piano does everything from playing as a beautiful acoustic piano to practicing quietly with headphones to adding beautiful orchestral and instrument sounds to accompany your playing, to accepting streams of your favorite music from providers like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

But what is the most stunning part of the Aures series – is this is all done without speakers!

Kawai K-500 AURES
Kawai K-500 AURES 2 Hybrid Upright Piano