Used Kawai KG-2 Grand Piano in Polished Ebony

Size: 5'10"
Finish: Black Polish
Year: 1980
Warranty: 10

Used Kawai KG-2 grand piano in Polished Ebony. A 5’10” grand piano perfect for home or studio use. Comes with 10 year parts, 1 year labour warranty, GTA delivery, bench and tuning.

✅ Bench Included
✅ Free Tuning
✅ Free Delivery Across Canada
✅ 10-Year Warranty
✅ Certified Preowned (47 Point Inspection)

$ 14,995.00

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About This Piano

Crafted in Japan in 1980, this Kawai KG-2 piano boasts a captivating and meticulously maintained ebony polished finish. What distinguishes the Kawai KG-2 is its exceptional tonal quality—a delightful fusion of sweetness and clarity, with a well-balanced distribution across low, medium, and high ends. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this piano makes a splendid addition, complemented by its versatile size that seamlessly fits into various musical spaces. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this fine example of a highly-regarded grand piano model at an exceptional price.

Measuring 5’10” in length, the KG-2 quickly gained popularity, particularly during the 1980s, becoming a favored choice for both home and studio settings. Revered for its craftsmanship and exceptional tonal qualities, the Kawai KG-2 remains highly sought-after among musicians and enthusiasts. As is the case with virtually all Kawai grands, the KG-2 is renowned for its beautifully warm voice, which makes the performance of solo repertoire particularly rewarding.

About Kawai Pianos

Established in the 1920s in Japan, the Kawai Piano Company embarked on a mission to establish itself as one of the world’s largest and premier piano factories. Alongside Yamaha, Kawai stands as one of the few piano manufacturers continuing to craft pianos in Japan, boasting an outstanding reputation. The introduction of the Kawai KG series in the early 1970s marked a significant milestone, representing Kawai’s inaugural venture into the creation of modern-designed grand pianos.

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Used Kawai KG-2C Grand Piano
Used Kawai KG-2 Grand Piano in Polished Ebony

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