Kawai ND-21 Upright Piano

$ 8,995.00


The Kawai ND21 is a 48” upright piano that perfectly fills the gap between top-of-the-line Japanese 48” pianos like the Kawai K300 or the Yamaha YUS1, and the used alternatives like 1980’s U1’s and BL / US series from Japan. In other words, a brand new Kawai with exactly the same specs as the used ones from the 1990s, for about the same price or slightly more.

The ND-21 upright piano offers incomparable value with outstanding sound, touch, and durability. In addition to the solid spruce soundboard, the ND-21 utilizes Kawai’s exclusive Ultra-Responsive Action, combining experienced craftsmanship with our world-renowned piano technology, to provide exceptional touch and tone that will endure.

Kawai ND21 Upright Piano
Kawai ND-21 Upright Piano