Used Kawai UST-7 Upright Piano in Ebony Satin

Size: 47"
Finish: Black Satin
Year: 1981
Warranty: 10

Used Kawai UST-7 upright piano in Ebony Satin. A 46” professional upright piano designed for institutional use. Comes with 10 year parts, 1 year labour warranty, GTA delivery, bench and tuning.

✅ Bench Included
✅ Free Tuning
✅ Free Delivery in GTA
✅ 10-Year Warranty
✅ Certified Preowned (47 Point Inspection)

$ 3,995.00

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About This Piano

This 1981 Kawai UST-7, finished in ebony satin, has lived up to the model’s intention in that it is still offering an incredibly rewarding playing experience through its exceptional tone and superb touch. While other pianos of this age may start to show signs of musical deterioration, this is simply not the case with this UST-7. It is a fantastic instrument through and through that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning players.

As per the Kawai UST-7’s intended purpose, this piano would make an ideal instrument for an institutional setting in which the piano will see a lot of use from multiple players. Churches, schools, and music studios would all be thrilled with the reliability and musicality this piano offers. However, it would also make a wonderful addition to any musical home.

The 46” tall Kawai UST-7 is a professional studio upright that has long been regarded as one of the finest school and institutional pianos ever built. Simply put, it is a piano that is built for lasting performance. It features Kawai’s Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Upright Action, which utilizes ABS Styran parts for optimal durability, hard maple bridges, and a select solid spruce soundboard that is supported by an “arch cut” long bridge that adds lifetime support to ensure a permanent crown.

About Kawai Pianos

Since the company’s founding in 1927, Kawai has been building incredible instruments with value and quality that far exceeds their price tag. The combination of their innovative engineering and high-quality craftsmanship has made Kawai pianos some of the most durable, reliable, and long-lasting instruments on the market, which has made them a popular choice for institutions of all types, including churches, schools, music studios, and more. It is hard to find a better example of this than Kawai’s UST-7 model.

Kawai UST-7 Upright Piano
Used Kawai UST-7 Upright Piano in Ebony Satin

In stock