All of the features of the DP603 CB, but with a true high-polish polyester finish.  For those interested in only the best furniture quality, this won’t disappoint.  Most fully-sprayed polyester finishes typically add $1500 – 2000 to the price of an instrument.  It’s durable, resists light damage, and adds an elegance that no other finish can match.  Generally, the DP603-PE is a sleek powerhouse, built for the discerning player in need of a compact instrument. This instrument is in a category unto itself within the Roland line.  It uses the very top action, the top sound processor, and the top speaker quality available from ANY product within the Roland lineup.  And yet for a surprisingly affordable rate, and a modern eye-catching cabinet.

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INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Digital Piano, Stand and Bench (Included with This Product at No Extra Cost)