Schimmel C213 Grand Piano

Size: 7'
Finish: Black Polish
Year: 2022
Warranty: 10

The largest of Schimmel’s Classic series, the 7 foot C213 is actually based on the Konzert series concert grand piano K280, while still providing a totally unique and distinct tonal profile from the Konzert series as a whole. Handmade in Germany, this 7 foot grand piano is perfect for those who desire a fine instrument that embodies all of the musical hallmarks of traditional European piano craftsmanship.

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Product Overview

Like any company that has continuously operated since the 1880’s, Schimmel’s history is rich and storied. From their humble beginnings, to decades of strife due to two world wars, to today where they employ more than 200 piano builders in Germany, Schimmel occupies an important place in the piano world of German piano makers. While Pearl River now owns a controlling share in the company, the Schimmel family still maintains some ownership.

Today, they still make two lines of upright pianos and grands in Germany – their top-of-the-line, cutting edge Konzert line, and the more affordable Classic line (the Wilhelm Schimmel’s are made in Poland, and the Fridolin’s in China). While the Classic line is marketed as a series of instruments meant to embody the more traditional aspects of German piano making and a brighter tonal character, the Classic C213 actually incorporates quite a few features from the more advanced Konzert series.

For starters, Schimmel is using the exact same full size action of our Konzert grand in the grand piano C213, meaning it’s got one of the longest actions of any 7 foot piano, facilitating a greater level of control. It also features an extra-large soundboard, the design of which too is appropriated from the grand piano K Konzert series.

Add everything up, and the C213 is a compelling option for those seeking a fine 7 foot grand piano, especially if you’re already considering a Japanese piano with similar pricing like a Yamaha CF series.


The Schimmel C213 features a newly designed action, built by Renner to Schimmel’s instructions. With the same keystick length as the full size concert grand K280, the C213 provides a level of control that most other 7 foot pianos in the class simply can’t match.

With the touch of our large concert grand, the C213 should be a very serious consideration for those seeking the touch of a 9 foot instrument, but can’t accommodate one due to size or budget reasons.

Beyond the control, this is a well regulated, highly fluid action that plays nicely right out of the box and is not likely to require warranty service.


While the biggest point of departure between the Classic and Konzert series is the tonal profile – the Classic series sounds much brighter – the C213 actually uses the same ‘sound system’ as the K280 in the mid range and treble section, for improved tonal clarity over the Schimmel grands of the past.

Schimmel pianos have been known for their brightness in the past, and if that’s what you’re seeking, there’s a chance you’ll prefer the sound of the C213 over the tone of the Konzert K219.

The unique Schimmel capped bridge design is also utilized for improved clarity.


Sourced from German hammer experts Wurzen, the classic grand piano C 213 uses double felted hammers of a beech core (mahogany is used in the Konzert series). Extensive hand voicing occurs at the factory level prior to crating.


The C213 uses double AA Bavarian white spruce for the soundboard, which is tapered to improve it’s acoustic possibilities.

Taken from the design characteristics of our full size concert grand, the C213 also features a soundboard that’s approximately 15% larger than comparable sized grand piano soundboards.


The C213 uses a ‘concert rim’ design which means the cabinet not only provides the structural frame that houses the piano, but also improved the tonal projection of the instrument.

Finishes include ebony high gloss (polished ebony), white high gloss and mahagony high gloss.

SizeLength7’ (213 cm)
Height60" (154 cm)
Width40" (102 cm)
Weight869 lbs (395 kg)
FinishesPolished Ebony, Polished White, Polished Mahogany
Warranty10 Ten Year Warranty applicable to original purchaser
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Schimmel C213 Grand Piano
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