Seiler ED132 Upright Piano

CAD 17,995.00


The ED132 Seiler is a professional-grade 52” upright piano well suited for players of all levels, and an upright is unapologetically Asian-built, but a full replica of the SE126 German Seiler and an incredibly successful one at that.

It’s a unique approach that no other manufacturer is attempting with this level of transparency, and no other has received this level of acclaim.

The result is a robust, highly musical, piano that looks and feels like its cousin – at more than twice the price. Even to a trained eye, often the only way to tell you’re behind the non-German product is the absence of the “Made In Germany” badge…otherwise, it’s entirely convincing on every level.

It’s a 52” professional instrument that comes strikingly close to its German counterpart the SE132. And in side-by-side comparisons with pianos 2-3x its price – sitting with Kawai K-500’s, Yamaha U3/U5, Perzina, Fridolin, or W. Hoffmann Vision – it could easily be argued that it’s the best upright piano under $15,000 available today.

Seiler ED132 Upright Piano
Seiler ED132 Upright Piano
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