For players seeking a full-bodied, incredibly capable, and genuinely different alternative to a Yamaha C2X (5’8”) or Kawai GX-1 (5’6”), the ED Seiler 168 (5’7”) offers the most credible and satisfying option in decades. The wide-tail design gives it unparalleled bass response; the mid-range has bell-like attack and bloom, and the treble is clear with plenty of body around the fundamental tone.

More interestingly, the cabinet is genuinely unique. It’s more solid, wider, and distinctly more European than either of the Japanese makers and comes with nickel hardware as a standard offering.

If you haven’t heard of Seiler or the ED Line, you aren’t the only one…though they’ve received glowing reviews around the world for the last several years, they have maintained tight distribution, working with just a handful of A-list dealers throughout North America and Europe.

Play them side by side with other top branded models here at Merriam, or request a full video review of this and other Seiler products and learn more from the comfort of your home.