Seiler ED186 Grand Piano

$ 58,955.00$ 59,495.00


The ED Seiler 186 is the most interesting 6’ piano in the $30,000 price category to have hit the market in the last 10 years. It delivers on multiple points, and with a substance that goes well beyond romantic descriptions and vague references to German heritage that plague so much of the mainstream factory-built piano market.

Its wide tail design, in combination with its 6’2” frame, gives players a bass string that approaches some 7’ instruments. The use of Renner action, Abel hammers, pre-stretched Roslau string, and hand-wound bass strings gives a tonal foundation far more akin to $50,000 products from Germany and Japan.

It uses thick, aged maple and beech rims that deliver an enormous level of cabinet resonance, and the Membrator planing method, applied to its old-growth alpine soundboard material, creates tonal activation at such a soft level that at times it feels like playing a concert grand.

Quite simply, any serious player in the market for a Yamaha C3x or Kawai GX3 would be remiss to pass the ED186 by without serious consideration.

Seiler 186 Grand Piano
Seiler ED186 Grand Piano
$ 58,955.00$ 59,495.00 Select options