W. Hoffmann V131 Upright Piano



The W. Hoffmann V131 upright piano is among the largest European pianos available, and is said by Bechsein to be ‘rooted in the tradition on German concert pianos’. This is particularly meaningful, because for those who don’t know; the W. Hoffmann brand is manufactured by C. Bechstein Europe, and the German-made C. Bechstein Concert 8 model is widely considered as the best vertical piano of all time.

The W. Hoffmann V131 like the rest of the W. Hoffmann Vision series was redesigned in 2015 by the R&D Department at C. Bechstein Berlin, and is one of the most exciting and affordable European pianos on the market; and an excellent alternative to a K-500 or U3

W. Hoffmann - v131 Upright Piano
W. Hoffmann V131 Upright Piano