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Merriam Jamfest 2014 at Canada’s Largest Ribfest

One of Canada’s Most Unique Annual Musical Experiences


Merriam Music joined forces with Canada’s Largest Ribfest (a.k.a. Burlington Ribfest) and is a major musical contributor to the 4 day annual event. The large annual festival, attracting well over 150,000 people, regularly hosts several stages where music is performed. Bands apply throughout the year for the privilege of playing, and those that are selected will help to entertain the hungry ribfest-goers.

The Merriam Music Stage, on the east gazebo, provides the only interactive outdoor stage at Ribfest, enhancing what has always been one of Canada’s most established outdoor community events.

For 4 full days, amateur, aspiring, and professional singers, songwriters, musicians, and bands – literally anyone who wants to experience a true professional stage and audience – gathers at The Merriam Stage for a weekend of interactive musical fun and competition.

Auditions Open To All


It’s now time again for people to start submitting their names for consideration in three categories. Each one has an easy to use audition form, and every single entry will be reviewed and thoroughly considered for participation:

  • established bands (amateur / semi-pro / pro)
  • solo,duo, or singer/songwriter acts (acoustic/electric)
  • single musicians looking to jam (all levels considered)


Who should audition?

If you are a musician anywhere in South-Western Ontario, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some guidelines to help determine whether you’re eligible:

Bands (Battle Of The Bands):

  • 3 – 10 piece bands
  • Rock, Pop, Grunge, Indie, Classic Rock, Folk, Metal (all varieties), Blues, Country
  • Electronic, Acoustic, Electric, or any combination thereof
  • Any band that is not signed to a label or has an existing distribution or production agreement for material, songwriting, content, or appearances.

Solo Musicians:

  • Anyone who has ever played within a band and would love to experience a live jam experience
  • People familiar with how a jam works, or first timers to jamming
  • A great way to meet other musicians in your area, or just try out performing for the first time


  • If you’re an established solo act, or play in a duo, but you’re not quite a “band”, this is a perfect setting
  • This segment is specifically showcasing talent and acts which are smaller in nature, and just wouldn’t blend well with the concept of a ‘battle-of-the-bands’
  • We welcome folk, pop, roots, or anything in between


Grand Prize – Battle Of The Bands

Grand Prize - Studio Time at Merriam ProductionsFor all four days of the festival, bands who have successfully auditioned to participate will be given a one hour time slot to perform.  Each performance will be evaluated by a panel of professional industry musicians, and the finalists will be invited to compete in a final “Batle of the Bands” showcase at Merriam’s Performance Hall (2359 Bristol Circle, Oakville ON).

The winner of this competition will be awarded free recording time in Merriam Productions state-of-the-art recording studio.

The Battle of the Bands contest will run on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the festival. You can submit your application in the top right corner of this webpage (click application link).


 Apply to the Jam Sessions

Apply to the Singer/Songwriter Showcase

Apply to the Battle of the Bands


12:00 – 3:00 – Singer-Songwriters and Solo/Duo Acts

3:30 – 6:30 – Open Jam

7:00 – 11:00* – Battle Of The Bands Showcase

*Battle of the Bands not offered on Monday, Sept 7th


September 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th