Are you among those people who believe that acoustic guitars are boring and old school? Well it is high time you break free form that prejudice! The classic is as good as and in some cases even better than the so called “cool” electronic ones!

Sure the electronic and modern guitars have all these super awesome sound effects and perks but they can never match the simplicity and natural grace of an acoustic. The pure, unadulterated music produced by an acoustic is free from the artificiality of the electronic one. Check out the top 10 reasons as to why a revival of the classic guitar is absolutely necessary:

Lot of Scope for Experimentation

Just because it’s called a “classical guitar” does not mean its scope is only restricted to playing classical music. Stop taking everything so literally!

classic car and guitar
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Experiment with different genres such as pop, Latin or even rock! The acoustic can support any form of music.

You can actually enjoy playing it!

Contrary to the popular belief, the classic guitarists are not boring and definitely not missing out on the “cool stuff”. Playing the acoustic guitar can actually be a really enjoyable experience! You get so any cords and ranges to play with. You can even create your own acoustic versions of the many popular songs, adding a dash of your own uniqueness to them.

Because acoustic guitars are cool!

You can try out those cool guitar riffs and the fast picking techniques on your classical guitar as well! Yes it requires some tuning and a different method but you can play an acoustic like any other electronic guitar. Also you get more flexibility to multitask better.

You get to Play Both Solo or in a Group

While most acoustic guitarists give solo performances, it does not mean that they cannot function well in musical groups.

A classical guitar can wonderfully complement other instruments and singers as well. There are so many examples of acoustic guitarists supporting singers at live concerts.

Acoustic Guitars have Inspired Musicians

The acoustic guitar has been very popular among musicians with the simple yet beautiful and delicate notes.

acoustic duet
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This is because the classical guitar is free from the loud screeches produced by the electronic. In fact the acoustic has even inspired many musicians and guitar artists to create popular songs throughout the ages!

The Classical Guitar is a Safer Option

Unlike the electronic guitar where the guitarist has to suffer from cuts and bruises on a daily basis, acoustic guitars are comparatively safer. It is particularly hard for a beginner as his hands have still not toughened up with practice.

The classical guitars on the other hand have nylon wires instead of tight steel ones that do not hurt your fingers and are very comfortable to use as well. Even the wires are not as tightly fitted as in the electronic ones thus you can play all you want without worrying about getting hurt

The acoustic is a favourite among the music celebs as well!

You must have heard the many acoustic versions of the punk rock and heavy metal music, sometimes done by other musicians and often by the original band themselves!

classical guitar
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Bands like Metallica, Linkin Park, Nirvana, and Breaking Benjamin etc. are known for their amazing acoustic covers and rip offs!

For the Acoustic Guitarists don’t have to be Singers

Many people believe that a person who can play the guitar can sing along as well. But as an acoustic guitarist you need not sing any song at all, just the tune is enough! The strings and chords are more than enough to give a complete performance.

Because the acoustics are softer and so much better!

The loud screeches and electronic sounds start getting on your nerves after a while. The acoustic on the other hand produces softer and gentler tones that are pleasant to the ears and soothing for the heart. The classical guitar offers the player a special warmth and intimacy that cannot be found in any other instrument.

And it is pretty easy to master!

You can easily learn the acoustic guitar watching the tutorials and self-help blogs available online. They might look complicated but are in fact can be easily mastered! It is not as complicated as the electronic ones where there are so many chords and functions to remember!

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