AfroHouse is house music with an African touch, infusing traditional elements and sounds. The afro house movement has been heavily led by prominent South African DJs and has quickly become the go-to genre for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re studying, partying the night away, or just in the mood for some nice music, Afrohouse has you covered. Here are 5 AfroHouse artists you should definitely know about:

  1. Black Coffee

black coffee afrohouse

The South African legend is a pioneer in the AfroHouse movement and has been in the game for 10+years. He is able to seamlessly mix records and provide a fresh sound. A true master of his craft, he reads the audience well and knows exactly when to play what. Black Coffee also uses his craft and platform to empower disadvantaged youth to take part in the arts. The DJ Black Coffee Foundation works with South African organizations as well as international ones to foster innovation and lift up those who need it most.

You will want to add these mixes to your favorites:


2. Black Motion

black motion afrohouse

The talented South African duo are composed of a traditional percussionist and a producer. This interesting dynamic makes their live shows incredibly entertaining and leave the crowd in awe. The duo started in early and experienced success shortly after. Their sounds have an almost ethereal vibe to it and the infusion of classical instruments certainly makes for a great listening experience. They have graced stages all over South Africa and Europe and are definitely a force to be reckoned with in this genre.

3. Culoe De Song


Culoe De Song is a young trailblazer in the South African house scene and is well on his way to becoming one the greats. At 25 years old, Culoe has already achieved so much and there is only more to come. Culoe’s sound is rich in production and his mixing style resembles that of Black Coffee’s. His great musicality and knack for production earned him a spot on the coveted Red Bull Academy team in 2012. Just like his label mate, Black Coffee, being part of this team gave Culoe the opportunity to showcase his excellence at reputable clubs and shows in Europe.

These days Culoe is selling out shows in his native South Africa as well as booking events regularly overseas. Mixes like this one keep his name buzzing:


4. DJ Kent

dj kent afrohouse

DJ Kent is another legendary figure in the Afro House music genre. He has been in the game for about 8 years and is still giving his fans quality tunes. Longevity in music is something to be admired and Kent is no exception. Having collected South Africa’s most coveted awards, he continually asserts himself as a mainstay in the genre. His unorthodox sounds have been key to his success and something that has been admired by DJs all over the world. Often adding touches of saxophones and xylophones together with heavy bass lines, his unique style has been regarded as “mythical” by some.

Here’s an example:


5. Prince Kaybee

prince kaybee afrohouse

The “Prince of Bloemfontein” is a newcomer on the AfroHouse scene. Prince Kaybee has been buzzing after his debut album Better Days in October of this year. An instant crowd pleaser, Prince Kaybee is the new sensation in AfroHouse earning him the “2015 Master of Spin award.” His album boasts features from prominent artists such as Mi Casa and you guessed it, Black Coffee! With hits like “Better Days” and “Africa Shine”, Prince Kaybee’s sound almost sounds like a genre on it’s own. You still get that great production coupled with the authentic instruments but there’s something more. There’s a certain sound to it that can only be rightfully described as a “Prince Kaybee” track. For a newcomer on the scene, Prince Kaybee is certainly on the right track.

Have a listen for yourself here:


There you have it!

5 Afrohouse artists you definitely know about. These guys are changing the sound of house music and enriching the genre. Adding the classical instruments certainly gives the listeners a fuller experience and a deeper appreciation for them. Music genres should not be static and boring. They should evolve for the better. AfroHouse challenges the monotony that house music can certainly fall into. If you’re studying, you might find yourself grooving a little too much to the wicked bass lines and enchanting vocals. If you’re partying, you can actually groove and dance now rather than just fist pumping to the same repetitive beats!