Are you somebody who hums along to the tunes of your favorite melody when you think no one’s watching or sing out loud while in the shower? And, do you get all sweaty and fidgety when asked to sing in front of a group of people?

If yes, then this is the guide the world had been hiding from you! “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear; just sing, sing a song” – no song says it better then The Carpenters’ ‘Sing’. Why confine yourself to being just a bathroom singer when you can be so much more!

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Know Your Potential

The first and foremost activity you need to undertake is to discover your natural range, the highest and lowest peaks that your voice can reach. All the songs that you sing, in the perfect melodious world, be under this range.  Any aspiring or established singer who wants to improve his singing must first work on his/her vocals. With practice you can gradually sharpen your vocals by opening up this natural range so you can sing shrill or base notes easily and perfectly.

Get Your Technique Right

Singing is just about humming on a microphone. The song should be married to the music and rhythm for it to sound pleasant. Perfect the technical nuances of singing, such as range, breathing gap, posture etc. to get the notes right. “Sing with an open throat” –here’s a tip you will hear a dozen times a day if you pass by a singing tuition. Well they are not wrong. Exploit your range to the maximum by trying out the shrill high ranges first, and gradually moving down the scale. Also don’t slouch as it would restrict your breathing.

Join a Professional Course

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To perfect the basics and the technicalities of singing it is best that you learn it from a professional. Take some time out of your routine and join a music class. A professional and erudite teacher will be a better mentor and will also guide you through the tips and struggles of singing. Need to prepare a particular song really quickly? Turn to the Internet for quick heals. Singing tutorial videos uploaded online by singers and musicians all over the world can walk you through the steps of getting the melody correct.

Hear Yourself Sing

If you’re the shy kind who doesn’t want to join classes or sing in front of anyone initially you can always hear your own songs! This sounds a bit corny, but you have to know your own voice in order to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Record a song using the microphone using the voice recorder application on your smartphone or laptop and hear yourself. This will tell you how far you’ve improved and what you have to work on. You are the best critic of yourself.

Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

You won’t become a phenomenal singer after a single practice session! Everyone started from scratch and you are not any different. But that doesn’t mean you will practice 12 hours a day, exhausting your voice! Doing this would only result in a sore throat. Start easy and gradually increase the time and intensity of your practice sessions. Your voice and body need time to accommodate to the changes you are invoking in them.

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Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Astute lifestyle choices not only keep your body fit but also help you sing better! Avoid smoking and any dangerous addictions such as alcohol, drugs etc. to prevent damaging your throat and body. Don’t stress yourself out, as it affects your vocal chords. Eat healthy nutritious food and exercise regularly to control your breaths and increase stamina. Get enough sleep to rest your throat. Also maintain the correct posture, as slouching restricts your breathing.

Practice makes You Perfect, Actually

Devote an hour or two every day to singing. Practice your scales first and prepare your voice before singing. Also make a routine and follow it religiously. All established singers are famous because they practice regularly. Start with simple breathing exercises and scales and then move in the tougher ones.

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Take a deep breath, smile and sing your heart out!

Prolific music can turn the saddest of frowns into the prettiest of smiles. Remember if you are happy you spread that positivity to the audience as well. Confidence and a huge smile is the key to success! It’s time you step up, grab the microphone, and rock the stage!

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