People can’t live without music, they just CAN’T! With so many genres and so many artists worldwide, it doesn’t take long until you find out what type of music suits your eardrums. A lot of studies have also been conducted by many researchers to observe, understand, and quantify the effect music has on human beings.

All studies are crying out aloud that classical music is one of the best art-forms to improve our lives, thanks to the amazing health benefits it has, especially on the psychological wellness front. Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Say goodbye to blood pressure!

Researchers from Oxford University have found out that classical music keeps the blood pressure low and helps in keeping your heart healthy. For the sake of the study, different subjects were made to listen to different types of music. Apart from classical music, the other genres used where rap, techno and pop.

The results not only proved that classical music lowers blood pressure, it also showed that genres like pop, techno, and rap raised blood pressure! So all you pop-o-holics, here’s one research finding you might want to consume with a pinch of salt.

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  • Unleash those Memory Cells Within

Some good news to all academics here! Classical music is like a magic potion which can boost your memory. Listening to it improves brain activity that is very much linked to memory. So next time you have this big university test which you forgot about, just download a gigabyte of classical music, get some high-quality headphones and start nibbling those books!

  • Helps You Think Out of the Box

Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to be creative? Like that time you had to write an essay on fairies or that time when you had to invent a dish for dinner. Listening to a classical piece by Bach or Mozart can actually induce creativity. It sets the momentum for a free flow of creative thought. So you know what to do next time you want to think out of the box.

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  • A Stress-buster!

A recent study was done on pregnant women and it suggests that classical music, in fact, reduced their stress levels during pregnancy. You don’t need to be pregnant for this to be true, though. Next time you feel stressed out, just tune into some classical music and observe the calming effect it has. It is also medicine to counter anxiety.

  • Kills Depression

The number of depression cases is on the rise. So if you feel like a stone, listen to classical music and see how it helps you to feel better. A lot of studies have shown the positive effects of classical music on mental health. In some hospitals, doctors advise patients to listen to classical music as part of the prescription.

  • Throw Away the Sleeping Pills
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We have all had our fair share of sleepless nights. Some of us can’t even sleep without pills. So the next time you find yourself tossing and turning, listen to some high-quality classical music. It soothes the nerves and puts you to sleep in no time. A recent study on people with sleep issues has observed major improvements when classical music was played to the subjects forty-five minutes before bedtime.

  • Pain Reliever

So you have this sudden headache out of nowhere, or maybe you just bumped your head against a moving truck. Whatever maybe, instead of gobbling up pain killers, try listening to a Beethoven playlist. According to some researchers in London, classical music has unbelievable pain fighting potential. Aspirin manufacturers won’t be happy, though!

  • Brings Happiness
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The pursuit of happiness ends when classical music is played. Happiness pursues you instead! That’s right, people who listen to loads of classical music tend to be happier and more joyful when compared to people who don’t listen to music at all, and even happier when compared to people who frequently listen to genres like rap and pop. It apparently activates the pleasure and reward centers of the brain thus ensuring a better mood.

  • Makes You More Productive

So you had one hell of a weekend and it’s back to another Monday morning. It is obvious that you just don’t feel like being useful to your boss. You might be cursing the monotonous job you have been destined to do. That is exactly where you stop thinking, and play some classical music.

Researchers claim that classical music makes repetitive chores interesting and enjoyable thus making the listener productive especially in a workplace environment. A recent study done at the University of Maryland found out that Baroque classical music helped radiologists’ improve their accuracy and efficiency.

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