Guitar Lessons

Playing on a real broadcast stage, or spending time in a Class-A Recording Studio, used to be a magical, life-changing experience limited to rock stars and pro-musicians. Nothing can match the feeling of being surrounded by smoke machines, computer lighting, the best sound equipment, a truly world-class band, and hundreds or even thousands of fans. It’s addictive. It’s hyper-stimulating. And it fuels a lifetime of musical passion.

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Private Guitar Lessons

When most people think of guitar lessons, they imagine a private coach working with them on an individual level. Perhaps in a small room, or maybe a rehearsal studio. For prospective students of Merriam Music, at any age, this can be a comfortable way to enter into our school environment with a familiar format. You’ll find all of the typical features of a guitar lesson program here at Merriam, such as weekly lessons, a chance to learn your favorite tunes, explore exam options and recitals, learning from a great professional coach, and measurable goals and objectives.

However, you’ll also find much much more:

  • Opportunities to participate in large-scale performances (by audition)
  • Chance to perform on the Merriam Cafe Stage on a regular basis (by audition)
  • Access to Toronto’s most advanced Broadcast stage
  • Discounts on the recording studio facility
  • Clinics, Masterclasses, and Jam Nights
  • Access to Band-Chops Plus, Merriam Music’s ground-breaking bolt-on band program designed to augment ANY private lesson


Songwriter PLUS ®

(Designed as a Bolt-On Program to Private Lessons)

Ages: 7 – 80
Genres: Rock, Pop, Alt, Indie, Blues, Classic Rock, Grunge, Metal
Available to Join: September-October, January-February
Structure: One monthly 2-hour lesson | Flexi-Time Scheduling

Similar to Band Chops +, Songwriter + is intended to augment people already involved with other private lessons. Without doubling your time commitment or cost, Merriam’s ‘Plus’ (“+”) programs work to expand a students range and interest by adding other experiences and skills to their existing lesson regime.

Songwriter + exposes students of all ages to the fundamentals of song-writing. This contemporary program will walk through the techniques and strategies behind a catchy melody, a memorable chord change, or a great ‘break-down’ section.

With Songwriter +, students will also have an opportunity to perform their own songs with a real band, and even record it professionally, should they choose to further their experience.


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Band Chops Lite®

Are you a casual guitarist? Or maybe had lessons before but lost interest? Engaged with another guitar lesson program (high-school, private teacher) and want to try Merriam out without switching? Are you an adult guitarist with a busy work schedule, and can’t commit to once-a-week lessons?

Then Band Chops Lite® could be for you.

What is it?  Band Chops Lite is a way to experience some of the best parts of our full Band Chops Pro program, without a weekly commitment, or a full price-tag. If you’ve always wanted to take Guitar lessons, but traditional private lessons just wasn’t “in the cards”, this is a great way to connect with music. Twice a month, you’ll attend a group class where you’ll be playing and performing some of your favourite music, with real musicians, using great gear and our industry-leading facilities. You’ll learn how to use a recording studio, get a crash-course in stage lighting, play on one of the most equipped stages in the country, all under the guidance of Canada’s leading studio musicians.

Features of Band Chops Lite

  • Twice A Month Sessions
  • Experience the full range of Merriam’s stunning new facilities
  • Play in a contemporary (rock/pop etc) ensemble with many other musicians
  • Join Bass Players, Drummers, Keyboard players, singers, and more
  • Perform in a fully broadcast-level performance.
Recording Studio Equipment

Band-Chops Pro® The Ultimate VIP Pass

Imagine, for a moment, surrounding for yourself with every gear and gadget, every space and facility, and every performance experience that a touring musician would expect. We’re talking video capture, Pro-tools, DMX lighting, fog machines, concert-PA installations, designer microphones, festival dates, jam nights, and more.

And then, add the touring musician – the real ones; the guys you hear on the radio and see in the theatres. They’ll be your coach.

Welcome, to Canada’s most immersive, intensive, innovative band and guitar lessons program ever conceived.  Band Chops Pro®.

Features of the Band Chops Pro

  • Guaranteed large-scale performance opportunities
  • Be a part of a real, living breathing band. Once the unit is formed, it will stay intact throughout your time at the school
  • Form friendships for life, as you learn some of the most high-level musical skills, from Canada’s most esteemed musicians
  • Preferred access to Merriam’s facilities, including their Class-A Studio, Performance & Broadcast Hall, custom video-capture system, and themed band-chops rooms
  • Wide range of repertoire, learning formats (clinic, one-on-one, band + coach, recording sessions) and additional opportunities outside of the curriculum

Visit the Band Chops Homepage Here

Guitar Lessons

Instrument:Electric / Acoustic Guitar
Length:30 / 60 Minutes
RCM Exam Compatible:Yes
Locations:Oakville, Vaughan
Start Date:Throughout the year
Term:40 Lessons/Year
Admission:Open admission
Genre: Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz

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