Choosing Music Lessons In Mississauga

Is music right for me or my children?

Music lessons have long been a staple of the possible activities parents consider for their children. Whether because of their own childhood experience, or they have a son or daughter expressing their own interest, music lessons are often considered as an enrichment to a young person’s education. Each year, Merriam School of Music welcomes thousands of Mississauga residents as returning and new students, and our long list of success stories continues to grow. However, there are several myths which persist amongst parents and teachers alike, that recent clinical research has dramatically disproven:

  • You do NOT in fact need to be extraordinarily talented to enjoy a lifetime of music
  • Everyone – not just professionals – enjoys and experiences music at a very high level
  • Music is processed by the brain in a nearly-identical way to that of a spoken language, and can (and must) be taught as such
  • While there may be more optimal times to begin taking music lessons, there is no bad age to begin exploring music
  • A high percentage of people – regardless of their ‘talent’ level – struggle with staying engaged over the first 2 years.  It is not AT ALL a useful predictor of someones potential to gain the skill and love of music


Is Merriam School of Music right for me?

Merriam School of Music is fortunate to have been able to help thousands of people discover music for life. Our success starts with our mission: to Unleash the Power Of Music. For Life. We truly believe that each and every person has within them all of the raw ingredients necessary for a wildly enjoyable and successful musical skill build, leading to years of musical joy and delight.

There are many things about the Merriam School of Music which instantly allow it to stand out from other music lesson providers.

  • A range of teaching and performing spaces which allows for ‘group’ music making – a key element to accelerated learning
  • A true community of thousands of students, teachers, and specialists – a key element to early engagement
  • A facility which allows for truly unique and extraordinary performance and enhancement activities
  • Proven track record of having the highest retention rates in our industry
  • Access to the internationally-acclaimed Keyfest Curriculum and Certification system
  • A range of external performance opportunities including Canada’s Largest Ribfest, Oakville Jazz Festival, and more

What are my other options in Mississauga?

Mississauga is home to many music lesson providers. Here is a brief list of some of the other music lessons Mississauga has to offer:

  • National Academy of Music
  • Erindale School of Music
  • Mississauga Academy of Music
  • Long & McQuade