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Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced musician, Merriam Music offers music lessons in a Mississauga in a variety of formats for a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, and saxophone to name a few. With in-home, in-studio, and online lesson options as well as a team of over 150 instructors, finding music lessons that fit your needs has never been easier. Get started today and experience the joys of learning music.


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Music School in Mississauga

Residents in the Mississauga and Etobicoke area can develop important life skills with Merriam School of Music’s professional music lessons. Our dedicated and experienced teachers work with students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Through in-home, in-studio, or online music lessons, students can experience the power of music at their own pace and convenience.

The Merriam School of Music offers music lessons that are unparalleled by any other music program in Canada. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, professional-quality instruments, and real-world performance opportunities, students of the Merriam School of Music are presented with music programs and curriculums that establish a truly holistic understanding of music.

Music School Mississauga

Good Fit Guarantee

Love Your First Music Lesson, or It’s Free

Your first lesson with a new tutor is protected by Merriam’s Good Fit Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, you don’t pay. No questions asked.

Best Music Lessons in Mississauga

How Are Piano Lessons Different from One Another?

Traditional music lessons have long been built on the model of a teacher working with a student as they develop their instrumental technique, learn repertoire, and study music theory. While these are all important components of music education, they are not necessarily sufficient in establishing and sustaining engagement and relevance with students. This is where Merriam School of Music’s approach is different.

The technique and knowledge acquired throughout each lesson is just the beginning. Similarly, in a sport like hockey, drills and workouts are only a small part of becoming a better player. It’s the application of those skills within a game where the most progress is made. Music lessons in Mississauga are no different.

While traditional guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, or voice lessons will help you learn the respective musical instrument, they will not necessarily turn you into a guitarist, drummer, violinist, or vocalist. Instead, it is through opportunities like performing concerts within an ensemble that this is accomplished.

The Merriam School of Music provides students with these opportunities at a level that no other music school does. Whether it is through songwriting courses, ensemble programs, or participation in music festivals, concerts, and recording sessions, there is an option for every student to apply what they learn. These opportunities are also extended to our adult students! This ensures that each student becomes a more well-rounded musician and, most importantly, falls in love with music. This is why the Merriam School of Music has become Canada’s leading academy of music.

  • Our Retention Rate Year-Over-Year
  • Participation In Our Extra-Curricular Performance Opportunities
  • Participation In Our Music Festival
  • Word-Of-Mouth Referrals
  • Percentage Of People Who Continue With Music Beyond Graduations

Is Merriam Music The Right Choice

One of the biggest strengths of the Merriam Music family is its diversity. With faculty, staff, and students from all cultural backgrounds, ages, skill levels, and economic situations, Merriam Music is more than just a music school; it’s a community. We offer group lessons and private music lessons that range from $1000 to $10,000 annually in every format to ensure that every aspiring musician has the opportunity to cultivate their passion for music as they work closely with our great teachers.

Merriam School of Music also offers Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation from grade 1 all the way up to ARCT.

If you relate with any of the following descriptions then Merriam School of Music is the right fit for you!

  • I’m A Beginner Adult, And Have Always Wanted To Take Music Lessons
  • I’m A Parent Looking To Augment My Childs Learning With Other Skills Through Music
  • I’m An Aspiring Professional Musician Looking To Connect With High-level Music Lessons
  • I’m A Casual Player Who Would Love To Find Ways Of Playing With Other Musicians
  • I Want To Start Or Play In A Band

Other Providers to Consider


Music lessons in Mississauga are quite popular and, accordingly, Merriam Music is only one of several music education providers in the area.

In no particular order, here is a list of other music schools in the GTA:

  • Long & McQuade
  • DeGazon Music Studios
  • Mississauga Music School
  • Erindale School of Music & Arts
  • Piano Plus School of Music
  • Concert Pitch Piano


Expert Instructors

Thanks to the diversity of our faculty members, all of whom possess a wealth of teaching experience, Merriam School of Music is able to match students with the perfect teacher that fits their learning style and area of interest.

Convenient Scheduling

Merriam School of Music is open 7 days a week and offers lessons at two locations in the Greater Toronto Area (Oakville & Vaughan Locations). With a team of 150 teachers to choose from.

RCM Exams

For over 30 years, Merriam teachers have been preparing students for RCM exams. Our teachers know exactly how to prep students for all grade levels.

HD Performance Videos

Students that participate in concerts can receive personalized High-Definition Video Logs of all of their performances throughout the year. Friends and family members will never have to miss a special moment!

Ensembles & Bands

All students of the Merriam School of Music have access to a huge variety of ensemble courses and band programs. Students can simultaneously expand their musical horizons and build lifelong friendships through their mutual passion with other musicians.

15+ Recitals

Students have access to over 15 performance opportunities each year. Concert performances range from solo to ensemble and informal to formal settings. Venues include “Studio A” at the Oakville location and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

No Long-term Contract

We pride ourselves on building longterm relationships with our students and families. But, in the case that you need to suspend or end your musical journey with Merriam Music, we simply require written notice 30 days in advance to stop lessons without any financial penalty.

5-Star Google Rating

The Merriam School of Music serves over 3000 students each week. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, we are proud to be the most reviewed and highest rated music school.

Piano Lessons Mississauga

In-Person or Online Lessons

In-Studio, In-Home & Online Music Lessons

Music lessons are available in a variety of formats including in-home, in-studio, and online. We have an extensive list of programs and incredibly talented instructors that can help you grow through your musical journey.

Learn music at your convenience and at your own pace with Merriam Music’s online lesson platform anywhere in the world or study in-person at one of Merriam Music’s three campuses or even in the comfort of your own home.

Mississauga’s Best Music Instructors

Music Is Easier to Learn With Better Teachers

Better teachers provide better music education. This is why all of our teachers go through a very extensive interview process and intensive training program. We guarantee that you will find a teacher and teaching method that perfectly aligns with your needs and interests. Our 150+ teachers have a wealth of experience and are some of the most passionate and dedicated people you will ever meet.

All of our teaching staff at Merriam School of Music come from the world’s leading university music programs such as Berklee, Julliard, University of Toronto, Laurier, and more. Expand your musicality and have fun working with a professional instructor that can custom-tailor classes to your specific needs.

Music Lessons Mississauga
Merriam School of Music Mississauga

Dedicated Customer Support

World-Class Customer Service

The Merriam School of Music is the largest of its kind in all of North America. Our students and families are always our number one priority, which is why we ensure that our staff provides the highest quality customer service. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to answer your questions and ensure that all of your needs are met at all times.

Whether communicating on-site at one of our locations or online, all of our students have around-the-clock access to our customer service team. Our customer service personnel are integral in making Merriam Music more than just a music school. Our staff, teachers, and students collectively build the community that makes the Merriam School of Music learning experience unlike any other academy of music.

Earn Highschool Credits with Music Lessons

Earn Highschool Credits

As a board-certified private high school, Merriam School of Music offers a variety of Ontario high school credits. We are one of a very elite few music schools in North America that offer accredited high school music programs.

This is only one of the many reasons that Merriam Music has become an internationally recognized music school. Universities from all around the world endorse the Merriam School of Music as being one of the finest private music schools in North America. When you begin your musical journey with Merriam Music, you are joining an incredible community of over 3500 students.

Mississauga Music Classes

Music Classes & Programs

Private • Group • Enriched • Online

Private Music Lessons

One-On-One Music Lessons

Learn music at your own pace and comfort with one of our professional instructors. You will be effortlessly playing your favourite songs and jamming with other musicians in no time! Learn how to play the piano at your own pace and comfort with a private piano teacher.

Regardless of whether you are playing for leisure or working towards RCM accreditations, we have a music instructor that is the perfect fit for you.

Private Music Lessons in Mississauga

Merriam School of Music evolved from being one of the GTA’s leading music schools to being one of the world’s leading music schools in 2019 with the introduction of our online lessons. Our online lesson format was meticulously engineered to enhance the experience for both teachers and students and has been celebrated all around the world. We are proud to have expanded our student community to include aspiring musicians from many different countries.

Our teachers and students alike have reported the amazing benefits of this truly unique and interactive online lesson format. Due to their wealth of helpful resources, many have even found online lessons to offer more than in-person lessons.

Online Piano Lessons

Learn Piano Online

The Merriam Curriculum 

A Complete Music Education

At Merriam Music, we offer students a holistic approach to music education. Our students enjoy an entirely different learning experience which exposes them to all facets of music. Instrumental/vocal lessons and theory lessons are only one aspect of the process. Through a multitude of extracurricular programs and access to real-world performance opportunities, students develop creativity, expression, confidence, and teamwork skills that will help them in all areas of their life.

private music lessons

One-On-One Music Lessons

Learn music at your own pace and comfort with one of our professional instructors. You will be effortlessly playing your favourite songs and jamming with other musicians in no time! Learn how to play the piano at your own pace and comfort with a private piano teacher.

Regardless of whether you are playing for leisure or working towards RCM accreditations, we have a music instructor that is the perfect fit for you.

"Our mission and purpose is to help foster and inspire creative, connected, and well-rounded lives with the power of music."

- Alan Merriam, President of Merriam Music
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