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Merriam School of Music’s Oakville campus has become a permanent fixture of the city and offers one of the most unique music education experiences in the world. Serving students of all ages and skill levels, Merriam Music offers online, in-studio, and in-home music lessons on a wide range of instruments.

From piano lessons, guitar lessons, and voice lessons to ensemble classes, jam sessions, and musical theatre training, the Merriam School of Music has something to offer every aspiring musician. 


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Classical • Jazz • Pop • Blues

Unique Music Programs

Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Singing Lessons & More

Merriam Music is not only the leading Oakville academy of music but also one of the most celebrated private music schools in the entire world. Perhaps due to Oakville’s unique geographical position, that is its simultaneously close proximity to Hamilton, Burlington, and Toronto, the demand for quality music lessons is extremely high. The Merriam School of Music is proud to satisfy this demand with unparalleled music education from one of the finest teams of music teachers in the world.

From new students to experienced musicians, Merriam Music offers a truly unique learning experience through its professional facilities, diverse course selection, and integration of cutting edge technology. 

Music Lessons Oakville

Good Fit Guarantee

Love Your First Piano Lesson, or It’s Free

Your first lesson with a new tutor is protected by Merriam’s Good Fit Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, you don’t pay. No questions asked.

Best Music Lessons in Oakville

How Are Music Lessons Different from One Another?

Where many music schools offer a traditional and familiar approach to music education, Merriam Music is proud to offer something unique and different. Experienced music teachers and weekly private lessons, through which students can develop their technique, study repertoire, and learn the foundations of music theory, are without a doubt important. However, for students of the Merriam School of Music, this is just the beginning of their musical education.

Merriam Music students are exposed to music in a uniquely holistic way. With a vast array of music programs and courses that include songwriting, ensemble playing, and music production to name just a few, every student is given the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios. Whether you play piano, ukulele, or clarinet, our approach will help you reach all new musical heights.

As is the case with learning any language, the only way to truly master it is to have the opportunity to speak it. This is why we ensure that every student has the chance to perform at numerous concerts, recitals, and festivals throughout the year. In addition to becoming more proficient on one’s musical instrument, these performance opportunities are key in building confidence that will have tremendous benefits to young children and adults alike. It’s this holistic approach that makes the Merriam School of Music a leader in music pedagogy.

  • Our Retention Rate Year-Over-Year
  • Participation In Our Extra-Curricular Performance Opportunities
  • Participation In Our Music Festival
  • Word-Of-Mouth Referrals
  • Percentage Of People Who Continue With Music Beyond Graduations

Is Merriam Music The Right Choice

Every student is unique and, therefore, has unique needs. Our goal is to meet these needs and match you with the perfect program and teacher. This is why we believe it’s incredibly important to have a diverse curriculum as well as a diverse faculty with varying areas of expertise. Regardless of your age, level of experience, cultural background, or economic circumstances, the Merriam School of Music prides itself on opening its doors to every aspiring musician and having options that best fit their interests.

The school offers a vast array of programs in both group and private one-on-one settings that range in price from $1000 to $10,000 annually. We ensure that every aspiring music student is given an opportunity to nurture their musical passion. Whether you are looking to play music purely for fun or looking for a program to prepare you for the Royal Conservatory of Music’s ARCT exam, we can help. 

If you connect with any of these descriptions then Merriam Music is the right choice for you:

  • I’m A Beginner Adult, And Have Always Wanted To Take Music Lessons in Oakville
  • I’m A Parent Looking To Augment My Childs Learning With Other Skills Through Music
  • I’m An Aspiring Professional Musician Looking To Connect With High-level Music Lessons
  • I’m A Casual Player Who Would Love To Find Ways Of Playing With Other Musicians
  • I Want To Start Or Play In A Band

Other Providers to Consider

The demand for lessons in Oakville has skyrocketed in recent years. While we are proud of the reputation we have established in the area, Merriam Music is only one of many music schools in the region.

In no specific order, here are some other music schools close to the Oakville area:

  • Long & McQuade
  • DeGazon Music Studios
  • Mississauga Music School
  • Erindale School of Music & Arts
  • Piano Plus School of Music
  • Concert Pitch Piano

Expert Instructors

Get matched with the perfect teacher, who understands your style of learning, the type of music that excites you, and who can encourage and coach you towards your goals. Every one of our 100+ teachers undergo 3 interviews, 80+ hours of training, and extensive background checks.

Convenient Scheduling

Merriam Music serves students 7 days a week year-round. Lessons are offered at Merriam Music's Oakville and Vaughan locations. Our team of over 150 expert instructors and choice of in-studio, in-home, and online lessons.

RCM Exams

Merriam Music has been prepping students for RCM exams for over 30 years. Whether you're looking to ace your grade 1 exam or complete your ARCT, our experienced teachers can help make your goals a reality.

HD Performance Videos

Your friends and family never have to miss out on a special moment again. Merriam Music documents its student's performances and yearly progress with personalized High-Definition Video Logs.

Ensembles & Bands

Merriam Music possesses the most extensive course selection of any private music academy. The list of ensemble, band, and group performance programs is virtually endless.

15+ Recitals

With over 15 performance opportunities each year, every student is given the ability to workshop their skills and knowledge through real concert experiences.

No Long-term Contract

We understand that life can throw many curve balls which may require temporarily suspending or canceling lessons. Students have the option of stopping lessons without financial penalty by submitting written notice 30 days in advance.

5-Star Google Rating

Merriam Music is the most reviewed and highest-rated music school in the area. Given our 97% customer satisfaction rating, it should come as no surprise that we serve well over 3000 students weekly across all of our locations.

Music Classes in Oakville

Top-Rated Music Lessons in Oakville

In-Studio, In-Home & Online Music Lessons

Merriam Music offers in-home, in-studio, and online lessons to ensure that you can access professional music education in the way that you prefer. Our extensive course list and top-quality music teachers will help expedite your growth and progress through every step of your musical journey.

Our online lesson experience is unlike any other. In addition to being able to work with our amazing teachers in your own home and at your own pace, the plethora of resources and features of our online platform ensures that the quality of online lessons is held to the same standard as in-studio and in-home lessons.

Oakville’s Best Piano Instructors

Music Is Easier to Learn With Better Teachers

As any former student knows, a great teacher is key to a great education. This is at the heart of the Merriam Music philosophy and it is for this very reason that we are incredibly picky about the teachers that join the Merriam Music family. Our extensive interview process and demanding training program ensure that you are studying with a music teacher that is at the very top of their discipline.

Our teachers are professional musicians that have studied at the very best university and college music programs which include Berklee, Julliard, University of Toronto, and Laurier to name a few. Our team of over 150+ instructors guarantees that you will be matched with a teacher and teaching method that is aligned with you. Work with our professional instructors to expand your musicality and amplify your love for music.

Music Teachers Oakville

Dedicated Customer Support

World-Class Customer Service

Our top priority is serving you and ensuring that all of your needs and aspirations are met. While the Merriam School of Music is the largest of its kind in North America, our incredibly dedicated customer service team works hard to make your experience with Merriam Music feel personal at all times. Simply put, Merriam Music is not just a school. For our students, staff, and teachers, Merriam Music is a second home.

The unique culture and experience of our school are built on the foundation of one of the very best customer service teams you will ever find. Our customer care representatives work tirelessly to ensure that every student, parent, and family have the ability to communicate with our staff in order to address their needs at all times. Whether you are communicating in person or online, we treat our customers like family members to ensure that their learning experience is always of the utmost quality.

Piano Tutoring with Professionals

Earn Highschool Credits

Merriam Music has the distinction of being a board-certified private high school. Accordingly, our students have the unique opportunity to earn a variety of Ontario high school credits through our accredited high school music programs.

As one of the very few private music schools in North America that have received this certification, Merriam Music has grown to become an internationally recognized music academy. The most revered universities and colleges from all around the globe endorse Merriam Music as being one of the top private music schools on the continent. Join our constantly-growing community of over 3500 aspiring musicians today and earn important high school credits in the process.

High School Credits Oakville

Music Classes & Programs

Private • Group • Enriched • Online

Private Music Lessons

One-On-One Music Lessons

Merriam Music’s professional team of music instructors will work closely with you at your own pace and comfort to help you reach musical milestones that you never could have imagined. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you will be performing your favourite pieces of music and collaborating with other musicians.

Your music instructor will custom-tailor and personalize your one-on-one lessons to fit your needs and goals. Regardless of whether your are learning to play music for fun, preparing for college/university auditions, or looking to complete the RCM curriculum, we will help you accomplish all of your goals.

Private Music Lessons in Oakville
  • 30 or 60 Minute Lessons

    Weekly-scheduled in-studio, in-home, and online private one-on-one lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute lengths.

  • Royal Conservatory of Music

    Expert Royal Conservatory of Music exam prep ranging from grade 1 to ARCT is available from our experienced team of instructors.

  • Performances HD Video

    Every student receives personalized HD Video Logs of all of their performances throughout the year.

  • Recitals & Performances

    Students have free access to recitals, concerts, jams, open mic nights, and a variety of other performance opportunities.

  • Monthly Report Cards

    Students' progress is tracked and communicated through detailed monthly and annual report cards.

  • Educational Counselor

    All of our students and families work closely with one of our educational counselors throughout their education process to ensure that a positive learning experience of the highest quality is maintained at all times.

  • No Long-Term Contract

    If you need to suspend or conclude your journey with us, there are no long-term contracts or financial penalties.

  • High School Credit

    The Merriam School of Music is proud to offer students Ontario high school credit programs. Earn full high school credits while pursuing your passion for music.

  • Member Discounts

    Member Discounts up to 50% off are provided to students on all Merriam Music products and services including pianos, studio facility rentals, music books, and much more.

Merriam School of Music brought our classrooms to the world in 2019 with online piano lessons and they have been extremely well received by our students. We worked thousands of hours deliberately constructing the best possible online lesson format with top teachers and students, analyzing every detail of our piano lesson to make them that much more fun and effective.

Both teachers, students, and families are reporting the benefits they are experiencing from online lessons and in many cases report that they offer more than in-person piano classes.

Online Music Lessons

Learn Music Online


    Customizable HD Video Link with Your Teacher


    Interactive, Specialized White-Board Environment with Video, Games, Audio, and Our Entire Music Library

  • 24/7 ACCESS

    Access Your Lesson Materials and The Week's Notes and Assignments Anytime You Need Them.


    Students' Classes Are Preserved from The Previous Week – Pickup Right Where You and Your Teacher Left Off.


    Use Youtube, Google, Soundcloud, Miro, and More, Built Right Into the Lesson Environment.

The Merriam Curriculum 

A Complete Music Education

Merriam Music’s programs are built on holistic education philosophy. It is our mission to expose our students to all aspects of music because we believe that every facet of its study has invaluable benefits that can have a positive impact for the entirety of their lives. While drum lessons, violin lessons, ukulele lessons, and other instrumental programs are undeniably important, they are only a portion of holistic music education. Through extracurricular programs and real-world performance scenarios, students are given the opportunity to develop confidence, creativity, expression, teamwork, and many other important life skills that will have continuous benefits.

  • Ear Training

    Recognize pitch, intervals, harmony, melody, and song structures more easily by developing your musical ear through proper training.

  • Rhythm/Meter

    Establish a greater sense of pulse, rhythm, and meter. Learn to apply a variety of different grooves and feels in performance, improvisation, and composition.

  • Sight Reading

    Become fluent in reading all forms of sheet music including standard notation, chord charts, and "lead" sheets.

  • Technique

    Develop a technical command of your instrument. Improve your tone, dynamic, and expressive control and make your playing feel effortless.

  • Improvisation

    Music is a language and the only way to learn a new language is by communicating it. Improvisation is the perfect vehicle to apply your skills and knowledge in a fun and meaningful way regardless of your age or level of experience.

  • Composition

    Writing exercises in which students compose their own melodies, chord progressions, arrangements, and compositions provide the perfect platform to apply the principles learned in private lessons.

  • Music Theory

    Melody, harmony, rhythm, and form are the basis of all musical compositions. Having a deeper and more intimate understanding of them is an effective way to increase a student's ability to improvise and compose music.

  • Ensemble

    Performing within a group provides students with a sense of relevance and purpose that is difficult to achieve solely through private one-on-one lessons.

  • Technology

    The use of technology in music education helps students learn in a more relevant, engaging, and interactive way.

private music lessons

One-On-One Music Lessons

Merriam Music’s professional team of music instructors will work closely with you at your own pace and comfort to help you reach musical milestones that you never could have imagined. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you will be performing your favourite pieces of music and collaborating with other musicians.

Your music instructor will custom-tailor and personalize your one-on-one lessons to fit your needs and goals. Regardless of whether you are learning to play music for fun, preparing for college/university auditions, or looking to complete the RCM curriculum, we will help you accomplish all of your goals.

"Our mission and purpose is to help foster and inspire creative, connected, and well-rounded lives with the power of music."

- Alan Merriam, President of Merriam Music
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