Music Lessons Oakville

Oakville’s Unique Offering

Many residents of Oakville may not realize it, but the number of music lessons Oakville has available to it is amongst the most numerous, per capita, in North America. Whether because of Oakville’s higher household income levels, its well-established communities and long-term residents, or its unique position as the half-way-point between the greater Toronto area and the greater Hamilton area, Oakville is flush with music schools, dance programs, guitar stores, piano shops, and more. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to navigate the wide range of offerings.


What to look for in a music lesson

Not all music lessons, or music schools, are created equal. And often the differences come down to factors completely outside of the classroom.  One of the biggest challenges in teaching music, and particularly piano, is that a high percentage of new students get discouraged or disengaged early on in the process, and never acquire the skills to get to the ‘fun’ stage.

A common element amongst the most successful schools, conservatories, and academies in North America is their ability to consistently engage students own interest from the outset of lessons, creating relevance and consequently internal motivation to play, practice and perform.

The techniques used to create this heightened music lesson engagement are well understood, but very seldom executed, primarily because of cost. Often times these strategies involve group music making, unusual or unique performance opportunities, the opportunity to connect with a wide range of genres, and inclusion into a complete community of music makers. If a student’s experience is limited to a one-on-one 30-60 minute lesson, where the only other musician to connect with is the teacher, and the only ‘space’ or environment is a small teaching room, employing these engagement strategies becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible.


What Merriam offers

Merriam School of Music’s Oakville campus stands as one of the few private music facilities in the world which offers students’ the opportunity to learn in several settings, engage in multiple programs simultaneously, connect with and/or create groups of fellow musicians, and experience unique and powerful performance moments in an extraordinary setting. Schools such as Berkley (Boston), Interlochen (Michigan), and Juilliard (New York), are all based on these principles, and like Merriam, their music lessons produce consistently more engaged and successful musicians.

Merriam School of Music has received critical praise from many of Canada’s leading universities and music institutions, such as Laurier, University of Western Ontario, Humber College, and the University of Ottawa. Our wide breadth of offerings, from introductory group piano lessons to advanced enriched training, has allowed us to foster a completely organic community of musicians, all sharing, supporting, challenging, and encouraging each other to continue playing and growing as music makers.


Other major players in Oakville

Some of Oakville’s other music lesson providers include:

  • Oakville Academy
  • Addison Music Learning Centre
  • Gear Music
  • Kaos Music Oakville