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Leading Scholars Discuss Reasons for Merriam’s Success

Merriam Music has been a recognized leader in music education for 25 years, with affiliations and relationships with most of Canada’s prominent musical universities. Through these ties, Merriam has had an opportunity to engage in published research projects, develop curriculum, and attract the best graduates for future teachers. Most importantly, we’ve been able to ignite a musical passion in our students which has propelled them to the highest levels of achievement: performing on stage for thousands of people, forming bands that have gone on to record deals, excellent music festival and exam scores, and last but not least, giving the gift of music for life. For music lessons in Vaughan, the experts agree: Merriam Music is delivering a very special and unique experience.

Merriam’s formula for success comes from our industry-leading commitment to 4 critical areas:

1. Comprehensive, multi-genre curriculum that teaches all areas of musical literacy

2. The very best facilities available to a music student, including top instruments, performance facilities, and technology

3. The best qualified, most extensively trained teaching staff

4. The most opportunities to share music with others – performance opportunities, musical socialization, recording, bands, and more

Piano Lessons

As Canada’s largest volume piano dealers and distributors, Merriam Music has an incredible depth of expertise and passion when it comes to pianos as a musical instrument. Our piano students therefore have access to some of the world’s finest instruments, as well as some of Canada’s finest instructors. 

Merriam Music’s Vaughan piano lesson programs are very unique, but have 25 years of proven success. Students in our four piano programs begin learning music as a functional, communicative language right from the outset, laying the foundations for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and self-propelled learning. After thousands of students, and 100,000’s of analyzed lessons, we’ve long known that the key to learning is creating internal motivation early on. Once the student has a relevant reason to want to practice, some pretty magical things start to happen. If you want to give yourself, or your children, the gift of music for life, Merriam’s nationally-acclaimed lesson system is waiting to unleash the power of music for you. If you’re looking for music lessons here in Vaughan, be sure to visit us.

4 Streams to Choose From:

  • Signature Group Class (ideal for ages 4-8)
  • Private Instruction (ideal for ages 8+)
  • Private Instruction + Ensemble Enhancement (Sandbox®)
  • Enriched (by audition only)

Vocal Lessons

Merriam School of Music’s Vaughan vocal program is blessed with some of the most talented, professionally-experienced singers in our industry. From contemporary jazz and pop vocalists, to internationally-recognized opera singers, Merriam’s vocal faculty is amongst the strongest in Canada.

Like Merriam’s piano lesson program, the vocal lesson program also follows the proven formulas for success that have been the bedrock of Merriam’s growth for 25 years. Unlike many vocal programs which focus simply on duplicating a handful of famous pop recordings, Merriam infuses a comprehensive musical literacy without giving up the fun.

Also, Merriam offers all students, but particularly vocal students, the most performance opportunities of any school in Toronto. Whether it’s our brand-new Broadcast and Performance hall at our Oakville Campus, or our own studio recital in Vaughan, there’s always a stage waiting. Merriam’s community connections with Burlington Ribfest, Oakville Jazz Festival, as well as Merriam Music’s Festival means there’s plenty of audiences as well!

Features of the Merriam Vocal Program:

  • Internationally recognized faculty
  • Wide range of genres, including classical, pop, jazz, contemporary, opera
  • Compatible with RCM Exam system
  • Highest retention rate (91% audited)
  • Streams to several other programs: Band-Chops, Musical Theatre, Song-Writing

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar is an ancient and beautiful art form found throughout Europe and the rest of the Latin world, including Italy, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, and more. Merriam Music is extremely fortunate to have several classical guitar instructors who call us ‘home’.  Mark, Lee, and Craig all breath new life into this honored musical tradition.

This program will teach authentic classical technique, repertoire, history of the instrument and it’s music, and still allow a natural transition to electric guitar, should you choose to do so.

Electric Guitar Lessons

Learning Rock Guitar, a la Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or School of Rock, has become the latest craze in musical education. And Merriam Music is in a unique position to deliver that experience like none other. The experience of being in a rock band is indescribable – the lights, the sounds, the smells, the audiences, and of course the music. Learning your favourite song on guitar is fun; playing that piece with a full band, on a broadcast stage, in front of hundreds or even thousands of people…is magic.

Merriam’s Guitar Program, and Band Chops Program together deliver that experience to EACH and EVERY student. If you’re a guitar player at Merriam, you’ll have the chance to perform Monthly on some of the most advanced facilities in the city; you’ll have a chance of playing on the MERRIAM stage at Canada’s Largest Ribfest; and you’ll even be eligible for recording opportunities in our state-of-the-art recording studio.

When you’re in guitar lessons at Merriam, you’re in a whole other level of musical experience.

  • Monthly opportunities to perform at our state-of-the-art Broadcast and Recording facilities
  • Access to Band-Chops Lite, and Band-Chops Pro
  • Ability to connect with hundreds of other musicians who play bass, drums, sax, sing, and more
  • Form your own bands
  • Learn repertoire from all the latest bands
  • The industry’s best instructors 

Drum Lessons

Music lessons in Vaughan wouldn’t be the same without our drummers! Our Drum & Percussion Department has deep ties to the highest levels of the Canadian industry, giving our students access to some of the music unique musical experiences of their lives. We regularly play host to the best clinicians, studio musicians, and recording artists in Canada, who come and share their experiences and talents with our drummers. Merriam’s famous DrumFest, taking place in January of each year, is one of the largest educationally-based drum festivals in the GTA.

Merriam Music’s drumming students receive a rich education in the global range of rhythms, techniques, and traditions. They also receive a solid grounding in harmonic concepts, composition, and band-leading. Together with Merriam’s Guitar department, the Drum department helps to form the core of our esteemed Band Chops program.

  • The highest level of performance experience in our industry – full sound/light/recording facilities at your fingertips
  • Use of both electronic (Roland V-Drums) and acoustic drums for a complete experience
  • Proper focus on good technique for sustainable, life-long enjoyment
  • All ages, all genres (metal, jungle, r&b, rock, jazz, pop, and more)

Merriam School of Music Inquiries

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Dr. Glenn Carruthers, Dean of Music, Wilfrid Laurier University
“What I see here at Merriam is an uniquely expansive view of music making.”

John Paul Bracey, Leading Music Educator, Prof. Univeristy of Western Ontario
“Your enriched program…accomplishes all the best that we [as music educators] can hope for in musicians.”

Denny Christianson, Director, Humber Music
“We’ve seen many Merriam students come to Humber and already be able to function at a much higher level.”

Brian Chung Kawai America

Brian Chung, Author on Music Education, Senior VP Kawai
“You’ve had a tremendous impact, across North America, on the world of music making.”

Why Merriam School of Music?


Watch this discussion with selected members of the Merriam School of Music’s teaching staff, about using musical experience to make a difference in people’s’ lives.  Discussions with Mike Siracusa (drummer / teacher), Len Feldman (pianist, theory, teacher), Mary Ficzere (Director of Enriched Piano Studies), Linda Morgan (clinician, teacher, pianist), Brian DeLima (jazz pianist, teacher) and more.  

Many of Merriam School of Music’s teachers have been with the school for 10 or more years, and this video compiles a series of interviews with a few of the senior members of the music school.


Merriam School of Music has gained a reputation within the musical academic community for developing and implementing high-level curriculum and teaching methods.The positive effects on our students has been clearly tracked and proven.  And over the last 10 years, piano students from Merriam’s Enriched and Group Piano programs have shown superior progress and retention of skill when compared with other community music programs.  

Watch as we interview four university music pedagogists about their impressions and experiences with the Merriam School of Music, and what they see as the differences between us and other professional music schools.


We interview our own music teachers as they discusses what fuels their passion for sharing the world of music with their students.  Whether it be watching student’s progress throughout their musical life, or hearing about how their musical experience has benefited them in other areas of life, or seeing students become teachers themselves, the passion that our teachers show towards their musical craft is one of the most important elements of the Merriam School of Music’s success.

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