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Merriam Music offers a range of piano lesson formats with in-home, in-studio, and online piano lessons. It’s easy to find the right piano teacher with over 150 instructors on the roster. Get started today and have fun learning the piano at a pace that suits your needs.


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Music Lessons in Mississauga

Learn How to Play the Piano

If you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, or even Etobicoke, take piano lessons with Merriam School of Music and unlock a world of creativity and self-expression. Merriam offers piano lessons for all skill levels and demographics. From students to working professionals, we teach children, teens, adults, and seniors; from beginners to advanced levels; with in-home and in-studio lessons, to online piano lessons.

The Merriam School of Music offers a piano lesson experience totally unlike anything else in Canada. The instruments are nicer. The classrooms are bigger. The audiences are real. The stage time is unlimited. The teachers are better trained and recruited. And it all works off a curriculum that gives our piano students a deeper foundation than any other lesson program currently in use.

Good Fit Guarantee

Love Your First Piano Lesson, or It’s Free

Your first lesson with a new tutor is protected by Merriam’s Good Fit Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, you don’t pay. No questions asked.

Best Piano Lessons in Mississauga

How are piano lessons different from one another?

Most people’s image of a piano lesson usually involves a teacher, a piano, some music theory, and a room. This general impression can also lead people to think that the only thing that separates the quality of the lesson experience is finding the right teacher. Find a great piano teacher, the music lessons will work; don’t pick a great teacher, and my son or daughter will quit… right? WRONG.

While the teacher certainly plays a significant role in the quality of the lesson, it is far from the only factor, and when it comes to engagement, the teacher probably has one of the smallest roles to play.

Therefore, what makes piano lessons different from one another often comes down to what happens OUTSIDE of the lesson room, vs. that 30 minutes spent with the teacher every week. The teacher is still, by and large, the most effective method of acquiring the raw information and receiving intensive coaching regarding practice and performance techniques.

But just as we learn a spoken language, the actual time spent acquiring new words and rules of grammar isn’t actually the time that we’re learning the language.  That comes when we start to try and talk to other people in conversation; or in music’s case, we truly start to engage with music when we have a chance to use it in a meaningful way with and for other musicians.

  • Our Retention Rate Year-Over-Year
  • Participation In Our Extra-Curricular Performance Opportunities
  • Participation In Our Music Festival
  • Word-Of-Mouth Referrals
  • Percentage Of People Who Continue With Music Beyond Graduations

Is Merriam Music The Right Choice

The family of Merriam Music members is vast and varied. We welcome people of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, levels of experience, and economic backgrounds. We have in-home, online, and in-class programs from as low as $1000 annually, and as high as $10,000. And our facilities, music teachers, curriculum, and community connections allow us to deliver an absolutely unique experience to our students.

Merriam School of Music also offers Royal Conservatory of Music preparation. If you fit any of these descriptions, then Merriam School of Music could be a great fit!

  • I’m A Beginner Adult, And Have Always Wanted To Play Piano
  • I’m A Parent Looking To Augment My Childs Learning With Other Skills Like Music And Piano
  • I’m An Aspiring Professional Musician Looking To Connect With High-level Piano Lessons
  • I’m A Casual Player Who Would Love To Find Ways Of Playing With Other Musicians
  • I Want To Start Or Play Piano In A Band

Other Providers to Consider

Piano lessons in Mississauga are an extremely popular category, and Merriam Music is only one of several providers of music education in the area.

Here are some other schools in our area, in no particular order:

  • Long & McQuade
  • DeGazon Music Studios
  • Mississauga Music School
  • Erindale School of Music & Arts
  • Piano Plus School of Music
  • Concert Pitch Piano

Expert Instructors

Get paired with an expert music instructor that perfectly aligns with your learning style and goals. Your instructor will ensure that lessons are always enjoyable and relevant to you by focusing on the goals you are looking to achieve.

Convenient Scheduling

Merriam Music operates 7 days a week and offers lessons at two campuses in the GTA: Oakville and Vaughan. With over 150 teachers on staff, you can study in-studio, in-home, or online.

RCM Exams

We have been successfully helping students succeed with their RCM exams for over three decades and know the formula to get the best results from beginner and advanced students alike.

HD Performance Videos

Personalized HD Video Logs are provided to all students that participate in our concerts and recitals. Each and every performance is captured so you, your family, and your friends can experience the performance again whenever you like.

Ensembles & Bands

Merriam Music has one of the most extensive offers of any music school when it comes to ensemble and band courses. From performing to production to songwriting, you will get to experience all dimensions of being a musician.

15+ Recitals

With over 15 concert and recital events each year, students have multiple opportunities to workshop the skills they develop in their private lessons in real-world performance situations.

No Long-term Contract

Unlike other music schools where you are locked in for long periods of time, we respect that life can be unpredictable. Consequently, students can cancel or suspend lessons at any point for any reason with 30 days' written notice.

5-Star Google Rating

With more reviews and a higher rating than any other music school in the area, Merriam Music is proud to serve 3000+ students each and every week. Come see why we have established a customer satisfaction rating of over 97%.

Best Online & In-Person Lessons

In-Studio, In-Home & Online Piano Lessons

Merriam Music offers a range of piano lesson formats with in-home, in-studio, and online piano lessons. With our comprehensive list of programs and talented teachers, we’re sure to have a piano lesson that’s perfect for you.

Learn how to play the piano at your own pace with Merriam School of Music’s online piano lessons anywhere in the world, in one of Merriam’s three GTA campuses, or in the comfort of your own home.

Mississauga’s Best Piano Instructors

Piano Is Easier to Learn With Better Teachers

You are guaranteed to find the perfect teacher with a selection of over 100+ piano instructors to choose from. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching, and we’re confident you’ll find your perfect teacher. Learn piano like never before with the best teachers from around the world.

Merriam School of Music Teachers come from distinguished universities such as Berklee, Julliard, University of Toronto, Laurier, and more. Have more fun learning the piano with a professional teacher that understands you and let you learn at your own pace

Dedicated Customer Support Team

World-Class Customer Service

As the largest school of its kind in North America, Merriam School of Music knows how to provide high-quality customer service. Get what you want, when you want it with a team that can answer your questions and helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoy access to our full-time team of dedicated customer service agents both on-site and online, dedicated to you delivering you the best possible learning experience. Our customer service personnel are intimately familiar with the school staff, the teachers, and last but not least, you! Once you’ve experienced Merriam School of Music, you’ll never want another music school again.

Piano Tutoring with Professionals

Earn Highschool Credits

Merriam School of Music is a certified private high school and is proud to offer a variety of Ontario High School credits. Merriam is one of the few music schools in North America that is able to offer high school credits.

Merriam School of Music is one of the most respected music schools in North America being internationally recognized and university-endorsed. Join over 3500+ weekly students taking music lessons and begin your musical journey with Merriam.

Music School

Piano Classes & Programs

Private • Group • Enriched • Online

private piano lessons

One-On-One Piano Lessons

Learn how to play the piano at your own pace and comfort with a private piano teacher. You’ll be learning your favourite songs in no time at all and learn the correct technique to play effortlessly.

Whether you are learning for fun or working towards RCM examinations we have a top-rated piano teacher perfect for you.

Family Piano Program

Group Piano Lessons

At Merriam School of Music we believe the best way to nurture music education and growth is in a social setting as part of a group piano classroom. Students are more confident, motivated, and inspired to learn as a result of learning and practicing with their peers in a group setting.

Group lessons have been endorsed by multiple university deans, this program has been called one of the most innovative music education programs on the continent.

Advanced Piano Lessons

Enriched Piano Lessons

For those whose goal is to become a high-level classical pianist, Merriam’s enriched piano program will propel your musical development beyond a University level while in your teens.

Connect with the highest level piano teachers for private lessons and participate in masterclasses, extra assignments, bonus performance opportunities, recording projects, and much more. The enriched program is extremely comprehensive and successful.

Merriam School of Music brought our classrooms to the world in 2019 with online piano lessons and they have been extremely well received by our students. We worked thousands of hours deliberately constructing the best possible online lesson format with top teachers and students, analyzing every detail of our piano lesson to make them that much more fun and effective.

Both teachers, students, and families are reporting the benefits they are experiencing from online lessons and in many cases report that they offer more than in-person piano classes.

Online Piano Lessons

Learn Piano Online

The Merriam Curriculum 

A Complete Music Education

Students at Merriam don’t just learn differently. Their entire experience is broader and more engaging. They learn creativity and free expression while building confidence, self-esteem, and friendships. It all begins in the classroom, but where it takes them, goes far beyond.

private piano lessons

One-On-One Piano Lessons

Merriam School of Music students are more inspired to learn, more motivated to excel and more confident as a result. We believe the best way to nurture music education and personal growth is in a social setting as a part of a group classroom. Personal development and socialization are a big part of what we do. And even though we’re just trying to teach them music, they learn a lot more than that.

Family Piano Program

group Piano Lessons

Merriam School of Music students are more inspired to learn, more motivated to excel and more confident as a result. We believe the best way to nurture music education and personal growth is in a social setting as a part of a group classroom. Personal development and socialization are a big part of what we do. And even though we’re just trying to teach them music, they learn a lot more than that.

Advanced Piano Lessons

enriched piano lessons

Merriam School of Music students are more inspired to learn, more motivated to excel and more confident as a result. We believe the best way to nurture music education and personal growth is in a social setting as a part of a group classroom. Personal development and socialization are a big part of what we do. And even though we’re just trying to teach them music, they learn a lot more than that.

"Our mission and purpose is to help foster and inspire creative, connected, and well-rounded lives with the power of music."

- Alan Merriam, President of Merriam Music
Common Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Every music school is a little different, and private piano instructors are normally a bit cheaper than music schools. The highest-priced music schools for beginners are around $5000 a year, and the lowest-priced schools are around $1200 a year. The highest-priced private piano teachers are around $100 / lesson, and the lowest is about $25 / lesson. 

Private teachers usually charge per lesson and don’t include any extra programming or additional activities. Many larger schools (just like larger fitness centers) offer a wide range of programs, activities, facilities, and services. 

Merriam School has 5 different tuition rates depending on the program, lesson length, and teacher specialization. We cost more than an average private lesson or small school, but less than ½ the price of similar schools in North America. You can expect annual tuition of between $1500 – $3000 depending on the program, which includes 40 lessons per year with our exceptional coaches (some exceptions apply), year-round video logging of every performance, 15 chances to perform on a professional stage, summer camps, recording studio time, and more. 

To get an exact quote on what program is the best fit for your family – both musically and budgetarily – please call 647-417-1125.

There are many scientifically proven benefits to making music, but it’s easy to forget about the most obvious reason of all: it’s uniquely and satisfyingly fun. The stimulation and satisfaction that playing a musical instrument bring a multitude of social and cognitive benefits that science is still unraveling, but parents have intuitively known for centuries. 

Piano in particular is considered a foundational instrument in a person’s musical journey because of its simultaneous demands on both mind and body. Playing the piano requires the development of rhythmic and harmonic knowledge, extremely high levels of fine motor skills and cross-brain dexterity, hones our visual and spatial reasoning, and improves memory.

Performing music generally (particularly with others) also builds on communication and social skills. Students and parents frequently look back on the experience and skills that music education gave them as one of the absolute best investments of time and energy.  

They report having significant advantages over others in university or the workforce such as:

  • Ease with public speaking or presentations
  • Sustaining focus on long-term projects
  • Collaborating well with team-mates
  • Problem-solving complex problems
  • Much higher stress thresholds
    Improved memory
  • Lateral “out-of-the-box” thinking

If you or your child has an interest in music, let us help unlock a lifetime of enjoyment and real-life benefits here at Merriam School of Music.

Digital pianos provide a high-quality, lower-cost option to start piano lessons vs. acoustic pianos. For parents who prefer a ‘wait-and-see’ approach to investing substantial money into equipment and instruments for their children, a fully-weighted, 88-note digital piano is a perfect option. 

There are currently several models on the market for $1000 or less which have received extremely high ratings from both customers and teachers for having excellent tone and key action (two priorities that teachers will ask about).  We feel extremely confident in recommending the following based on our personal experience and other industry review sites.

  • Kawai KDP70 / KDP110
  • Roland FP10 / FP30
  • Casio PX160 / CGP700

Contrary to popular belief, the piano is actually one of the easiest instruments to begin to learn. That’s why most young musicians begin on the piano, sometimes as young as 3. On most instruments like clarinet, cello, ukulele, guitar, violin, or saxophone, there’s a lot of physical technique needed just to make a good sound – but on a piano, simply pressing a key produces the same beautiful tone that a professional achieves. This makes it less discouraging to begin learning, and students are able to start working on simple songs that they recognize right away. 

On the other extreme, some of the most intricate and challenging music of all time has been written for the piano, so while it may be the easiest instrument to begin learning, achieving what is considered a professional level also requires some of the most intense levels of practice and time commitment of the music world.

Every child is different, but between the ages of 3-6 is typically the most ideal time to begin learning piano (this is different than guitar lessons, violin lessons, or even vocal lessons, where the physicality of the experience usually delays the ideal starting age to 6 or 7). The brain’s development is at an optimal stage at this age, where new neural pathways can form quickly – it’s as though the mind learns how to learn the piano at this age, laying the mental foundations for understanding rhythm, harmony, and aural learning at a deep level of comprehension.

This is not to say that people of all ages can’t begin to learn piano…generally mature piano students can expect to learn piano at the same pace and to the same level as they have with other complex hobbies or areas of study.

Four to six years old is perfect. Anything up to 10 is ideal, and virtually any other age still affords a high probability of success with the right support and motivators. There is much research out there on the benefits of starting young, but we’ve found that once a child is comfortable in a structured learning environment (i.e. started Junior Kindergarten), creating and delivering engaging lesson plans becomes easier, with more consistent results. 

We offer Preschool programs starting at 2, and other instruments, such as guitar or drums, require a student to be more physically developed than piano; we start them at 6 or 7, depending on the child.

Yes, you can. Online piano lessons are here to stay, and our experience offering them has been amazing. We began building our online offering pre-pandemic, in November 2019, with the goal of bringing our classrooms to the world. We worked with dozens of our top teachers, and thousands of students, analyzing every aspect of the lesson to understand how we could make an online lesson even more fun and more effective than an in-person one. 

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with most teachers and families reporting that they appreciated many aspects of our new online lesson offering more than in-person lessons.

We track our student’s progress from beginning to end – it helps us design better programs, and helps students and their parents see how much they’re improving.  It also lets us understand the underlying reasons for students who lose interest in music lessons. The industry average is less than 50% of students who start lessons will complete just one year. We’ve achieved over 80% for our first-year students, and 91% for our group programs. 

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