Piano Lessons Mississauga

How Are Piano Lessons Different From One Another?

Most people’s image of a piano lesson usually involves a teacher, a piano, and a room. This general impression can also lead people to think that the only thing that separates the quality of the lesson experience is finding the right teacher.  Find a great teacher, the lessons will work; don’t pick the right teacher, and my son or daughter will quit… right?  WRONG. While the teacher certainly plays a significant role in the quality of the lesson, it is far from the only factor, and when it comes to engagement, the teacher probably has one of the smallest roles to play.

Therefore, what makes piano lessons different from one another often comes down to what happens OUTSIDE of the lesson room, vs. that 30 minutes spent with the teacher every week. The teacher is still, by and large, the most effective method of acquiring the raw information, and receiving intensive coaching regarding practice and performance techniques. But just as we learn a spoken language, the actual time spent acquiring new words and rules of grammar isn’t actually the time that we’re learning the language.  That comes when we start to try and talk to other people in conversation; or in music’s case, we truly start to engage with music when we have a chance to use it in a meaningful way with and for other musicians.

We consider some of the most critical indications of whether we’re successful as a school to be:

  • Our retention rate year-over-year (how many people return for a subsequent year vs. previous)
  • Participation in our extra-curricular performance opportunities
  • Participation in our music festival
  • Word-Of-Mouth referrals
  • Percentage of people who continue with music beyond graduation

Is The Merriam School of Music The Right Choice For Our Family?

The family of Merriam Music members is vast and varied. We welcome people of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, levels of experience, and economic backgrounds. We have programs as low as $1000 annually, and as high as $10,000.  And our facilities, teachers, curriculum, and community connections allow us to deliver an absolutely unique experience to our students.

If you fit any of these descriptions, then Merriam School of Music could be a great fit!

  • I’m a beginner adult, and have always wanted to play piano
  • I’m a parent looking to augment my childs learning with other skills like music and piano
  • I’m an aspiring professional musician looking to connect with high-level piano lessons
  • I’m a casual player who would love to find ways of playing with other musicians
  • I want to start or play piano in a band

Whether you are a beginner, ameture, semi-pro, or complete expert, and you’re looking for piano lessons in Mississauga, Merriam School of Music has the right piano lesson for you.  Come and visit us for a tour, and explore the school that everyone’s talking about.

Other Providers To Consider

Piano lessons in Mississauga are an extremely popular category, and Merriam Music is only one of several providers of music education in the area.  Here are some other schools in our area, in no particular order:

  • Long & McQuade
  • DeGazon Music Studios
  • Mississauga Music School
  • Erindale School of Music & Arts
  • Piano Plus School of Music
  • Concert Pitch Piano