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Singing Lessons

Learn to Sing With Merriam Music Vocal Lessons

Learn to sing the music you love, and stay excited along the way. Regardless of your skill level as a beginner, or looking to build on past experience, we welcome students from all around the world to our acclaimed Vocal Department, where you’ll develop the right technique guided by our top coaches, and sing consistently and confidently.

If you’ve always dreamed of learning to confidently sing in public or improving on your existing skills, then we’re ready to partner with you just as we have for thousands of students since 1988. 


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Singing Lessons

Preschoolers • Kids • Teens • Adults • Seniors

Real Progress, Fun Lessons

Singing Lessons for All Ages, Beginner to Advanced

We offer one-on-one vocal lessons to beginners and experienced students of all ages*, pairing you with the perfect teacher, setting the right goals, and getting you feeling confident with new skills, genres, and of course your favorite songs.

We start with a foundation in good vocal techniques such as breath control, vocal warm-ups, and practice tips to grow your vocal range and help hit those high notes safely and with confidence. Then we work with you to understand what genres you want to build on and blossom into – from musical theatre to pop, singer-songwriter, classical and opera, jazz to R&B. We pick goals that are age-appropriate and connect with your learning style.

Singing Lessons

Good Fit Guarantee

Love Your First Singing Lesson, or It’s Free

Your first lesson with a new tutor is protected by Merriam’s Good Fit Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, you don’t pay. No questions asked.

Expert Instructors

Get matched with the perfect teacher, who understands your style of learning, the type of music that excites you, and who can encourage and coach you towards your goals. Every one of our 100+ teachers undergo 3 interviews, 80+ hours of training, and extensive background checks.

Convenient Scheduling

Merriam School of Music is open 7 days per week offering lessons at two convenient locations in the GTA (Oakville & Vaughan Campuses), with 150 teachers to choose from, both on location and in your home.

RCM Exams

Merriam has been training students for RCM exams for 30 years and knows exactly how to prepare you for success. They can be done on their own, or together with Merriam’s own university-endorsed exam system.

HD Performance Videos

Receive an individualized High-Definition Video Log of all of your performances throughout the year - never miss a special moment again, and easy to share with friends and family

Ensembles & Bands

Merriam offers a variety of ensemble singing courses, some paid, some free so that vocal students have a chance to expand their learning beyond a solo instrument experience. Most are by audition, so ask your teacher or your Education Counselor for more information

15+ Recitals

Students have 15 chances per year to perform their music. The performances are a mix of formal and informal, solo and group, and are offered in a variety of settings including our performance hall “Studio A”, and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

No Long-term Contract

We’re confident you’ll be with us for years. But for any reason, if you need to end your journey with us, 30 days' written notice is all we require to stop lessons, penalty-free.

5-Star Google Rating

The most reviews, the highest rating. Merriam serves over 3000 weekly students, and our customer satisfaction rating is over 97%.

Vocal Lessons

Singing Lessons in Person or Online

In-Studio, In-Home & Online Vocal Lessons

We offer convenient in-studio (in person) and online voice lessons to students in the GTA and all around the world. Our traditional in-studio lesson program has been running since 1988 and still hosts close to 3000 weekly students. And our online lessons are fun, reliable, organized – in fact, we earned a 4.9/5.0 on a blind survey of over 2000 online students.

For singing students in the Toronto area (Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham), choose between visiting our acclaimed school campuses or connecting with an instructor online – or with FLEX Lessons, you can do both. For those outside of Toronto or even Canada, access the same great music teachers, many of the same activities, and all the same programs online through our online

Vocal Teachers With Degrees

The Perfect Vocal Coach For You

More top coaches to choose from means we’ve got the best chance of finding your perfect match. Merriam offers an industry-leading selection of full singing teachers, sourced from top universities and colleges – many with extensive performance backgrounds as professional singers as well as years of teaching experience.

Because we know how important it is to have the right voice coach, we spend more time finding, training, and retaining them than any school we know of, so that you always get matched perfectly every time. You’ll love the inspiration and the enormous benefit of having a true professional craft your journey as a budding vocalist.

Our voice teachers have performed with American Idol winners, Grammy nominees, major touring groups, and more. Learn from the best at Merriam!

Singing Teacher
Voice Training

Top-Rated Singing Lessons in Toronto

Exceptional Customer Service

Great customer experience needs a great team of people to deliver it. Having a seamless lesson is one thing, but receiving timely updates, accurate billing, departmental oversight, and 7-day-a-week support is a whole other world that we’ve been getting right for 3 decades.

This phenomenal team of professional administrators and receptionists actually knows our great teachers, and most importantly, they know you. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want another music school again.

Customer experience – just one more example of Merriam striving for the very best customer experience possible.

Earn School Credits with Music Lessons

Earn Highschool Credits

As a certified private high school, we’re proud to offer a range of Ontario High School credits – if you’re interested in earning high school credits for your work here at Merriam, please let us know and we’ll tell you all about it.

Merriam School of Music is one of the only private music schools in North America to offer high school credits. We’re internationally recognized, university-endorsed, and one of the most respected leaders in vocal lessons & education.

Voice Lessons

Vocal Classes & Programs

Private • Group • Enriched • Online

Private Singing Lessons


As professional singers and musicians will attest, there is more to singing than just your technique and chops. The environment you are in can profoundly shape your performances through the inspiration it provides. That is why we go to painstaking lengths to ensure that our lesson studios are inviting and inspiring spaces to study and sing in. You will have access to the very top-of-the-line music equipment and technology as you work with your professional coach through each step of your musical journey.

Private Vocal Lessons

Advanced Vocal Lessons

Private Online Vocal Lessons

Online singing lessons can be just as impactful as in-person lessons, that is if they are delivered correctly. Merriam Music has taken online lessons to all new heights with our cutting-edge, proprietary online lesson platform that gives teachers and students unprecedented access to resources that augment and enhance the overall lesson experience. You will have immediate access to sheet music, chord charts, lyric sheets, audio/video libraries, exercises, and much more throughout each and every lesson. You will even be able to access your virtual whiteboard in between lessons to ensure that you can pick up exactly where you left off with each practice session.
Advanced Vocal Lessons

Online Vocal Course


Music is a gift that is meant to be shared and communicated. That is why, here at Merriam Music, we are firm believers in giving our students as many performance opportunities as possible. In addition to learning important skills that will have continuous lifelong benefits, you will have more fun than you ever could have imagined singing with your peers in front of a live audience. You will be fulfilled with happiness, excitement, and motivation as you share your talents with your peers, friends, and family members at Merriam Music’s numerous concert events.
Vocal Teacher Job

Best Voice Lessons in Toronto

Singing is Fun. Learning It Should Be Too

Making music lessons fun has been at the core of Merriam Music’s success for over 3 decades. Leave your lessons with a smile, and start each week knowing that you’ll sound better and grow more confident by the end.

We’ve spent years understanding what keeps students motivated, the times in their journey when they’ll be tempted to give up, and how to apply their skills often and in unique ways like performing on real stages for real audiences.

It’s about finding the songs you love. It’s about knowing exactly what exercise will push you through to the next level. It’s about inspiring you to put yourself on a stage and take a chance. And mostly, it’s about making your journey completely and uniquely yours.

We know that everyone can learn to sing better, and it’s our mission to connect with as many students as we can to share the gift of lifelong music-making.

So whether your dream is singing in front of friends with confidence, impressing at a Karaoke night, winning a music festival, passing an exam, or earning a high-school credit, we know exactly how to get you there.

A Vocal Lesson Beyond the Notes

Some schools focus strictly on teaching you the right notes – or just how to sing in tune. At Merriam, we’ll show you how the building blocks of music actually come together to create the songs you love. You’ll more deeply understand the music, and it will actually accelerate how quickly you can learn your next songs.

We’ve been teaching even beginner musicians these complex musical concepts since 1988, much like someone would learn a new language.

In as little as a year, you’ll start creating your own music; you’ll be able to recognize song structures like intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro; you’ll be able to pick apart what instruments are in the background, and how various musical textures are created. And you’ll be able to test it all out with real bands on real stages.

At Merriam, we go beyond the notes to teach you the full musical language, for life.

The Science of Musical Excellence

Merriam School of Music has been involved in multiple university studies, many asking the same question: how to increase engagement, reduce obstacles to rapid learning, and why Merriam succeeds where others have failed.

It starts by infusing the 9 areas of musical literacy into every class, to ensure that the learning is permanent and comprehensive.

Then, add Merriam’s testing system – acknowledged as the most comprehensive in community music today – which meticulously measures development in rhythm, ear training, harmony, singing technique, repertoire, song writing and composition, and more.

Sprinkle in up to 15 times every year to share and hone your work in front of real audiences, including constructive feedback after every performance.And finally, oversight by a department leader who is there to ensure student and program success – something normally only found at colleges and universities.

The Merriam Curriculum 

A Complete Music Education

Students at Merriam don’t just learn differently. Their entire experience is broader and more engaging. They learn creativity and free expression while building confidence, self-esteem, and friendships. It all begins in the classroom, but where it takes them, goes far beyond.

Private Singing Lessons

One-On-One Singing Lessons

Get matched with your perfect coach, and plan out what goals truly excite you. Structure a practice plan that fits into your life. Look forward to your weekly dose of inspiration. And achieve what you want most: to sing your favorite music in tune, to build confidence doing so, and to share your gift with the world.

There are many options for learning music these days, from Youtube to various apps. But when you’re learning to sing, you need constant feedback on almost everything. That’s why a Merriam Music vocal coach can make all the difference. Your friend and mentor along your journey to a completely new way of singing that’s fun, sustainable & safe, and thoroughly crafted.

Advanced Vocal Lessons

Enriched Singing Lessons

Take your singing voice to the highest professional level it’s capable of with the Enriched Vocal Program. This audition-only program will immerse you in a world of music, with extra masterclasses, our top-level instructors, additional social and performance opportunities, and challenging standards to shoot for and achieve certification with.

This is one of the only programs of its kind in Canada, and limited space is available. If you’re new to Merriam and think you might be eligible or appropriate for such a program, speak to our Admissions team today to book an assessment and interview.

Online Vocal Course

Online Singing Lessons

Experience an online singing lesson like no other: clear audio and video, every resource at your teacher’s fingertips, a flexible online environment that brings everything into a single window, and lesson plans specifically tested for online use.

With multiple camera angles (where available) and professional microphones, students can see and hear teachers in HD and at the right angles. Teachers can see and hear students and provide the same feedback online as they can in person. Our whiteboard, sheet music resources and huge sound library means that every tool is instantly available – no photocopying, waiting until next week, or simply not finding what the student needs to move forward.

"Our mission and purpose is to help foster and inspire creative, connected, and well-rounded lives with the power of music."

- Alan Merriam, President of Merriam Music
Common Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Singing lessons range widely in cost in North America is $25-40 USD for a basic 30-minute lesson from an independent teacher. Specialty schools like Merriam generally charge a premium ($35-50 USD per lesson) to access better equipment and facilities, events and guest artists, and professional customer service and administration. And teachers with advanced credentials or established performing careers can charge as much as $100 USD or higher for an hour of instruction.

Merriam’s tuition rates are determined by coaching level (Certified, Specialty, Master), the length of lesson (30 or 60 min), plus any specialty programs like Enriched or Bandchops.

Annual tuition discounts are also available. To find out what program is best, and its related costs, get in touch with our admissions team.

There is a significant debate over the right age to begin singing lessons amongst educators and parents. Many parents’ instincts are to get kids into lessons as soon as they show interest – however, a child’s vocal cords are going through significant growth and development around that age, and they can easily be damaged by incorrect technique or simply over-singing.

Consequently, Merriam Music begins teaching vocal lessons at the age of 8 and up.

Hypothetically you could begin teaching someone to sing at a much younger age, but several dynamics tend to render these lessons redundant, ineffective, and potentially harmful:

The voice is changing so dramatically during this time that techniques and tonal production that were taught one year need to be entirely re-learned the next

Young singers are unable to replicate the stylings, range, dynamics, and tone of their pop singer heroes, leading to either disappointment and disengagement as their teachers prescribe “boring” repertoire that’s appropriate for their physical age, or worse, they try anyway without the teacher’s guidance, leading to significant strain on their voice

Encouraged by improved pitch, dynamics, and repertoire, young singers tend to want to ‘show-and-tell’ their new skills anywhere and everywhere they can. Parents also feel pride in their child having such an admirable skill and encourage the various public displays of their singing. Many parents and students are unsure of how much is too much, and bad habits and over-straining of the voice develop quickly

We will always consider an exception under the right circumstances, but only after an interview and assessment with our department head.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of music lessons – but singing lessons can actually be the fastest route to musical satisfaction. Almost everyone sings at some level, and probably has developed more musical foundation than they realize. Compare that with starting piano lessons, guitar lessons, or saxophone lessons, where the physical playing of the instrument would be entirely foreign on day one.

A second great reason to take them is that learning to sing with confidence, and in public, can be a huge boost to your confidence and social skills. Gaining the comfort to sing in public actually leads to better conversational skills and public speaking, because in many cases you’re overcoming a lot of the same anxieties and inhibitions.

Merriam’s MMOA platform gives vocal students anywhere in the world the chance to take singing lessons from our award-winning teachers through our easy-to-use technology. Find out why most of our instructors actually prefer teaching online and have seen even equal levels of progress amongst their online students compared with their in-person students.


There are several common reasons why vocal students stop progressing. And as soon as progress fades, interest quickly fades as well. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

Getting ‘stuck’ on a specific concept or exercise for several weeks. The teacher sees it as essential to master before moving forward, but the student finds the exercise boring or doesn’t quite grasp the exercise’s importance or relevance. As a result, neither student nor teacher gives any ground, and progress can quickly skid off the rails.

Not singing or learning the music that most excites the student. For example, a student got excited about singing because of a Taylor Swift album, but the teacher doesn’t feel the student is ready or doesn’t think the songs help build the right technique. So instead, the teacher prescribes repertoire exclusively on the basis of technique and pedagogy, disconnecting the skill build from the original point of interest.

No organized times and places to actually sing the songs being learned. For many students, a once-a-year recital is too infrequent a goal to affect their motivation on a weekly basis. Instead, teachers and schools who understand that multiple short and mid-term goals are needed have much higher levels of success with their students, creating regular recital, recording, or public performance opportunities.

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