Merriam Music’s Violin and Strings department is one of Toronto’s longest established violin lessons program. Learn from some of the area’s most esteemed teachers, combining the principals of Suzuki, RCM, and Keyfest in one curriculum.

Violin Student

Violin Lessons

Ages: 7 – 80
Genres: Classical, Folk
Available to Join: September – July
Structure: Two semester system + Summer Enhancement | Weekly Lessons

The violin is often discussed as being the most voice-like of all the instruments. It is extremely expressive, able to convey sadness, playfulness, elegance, excitement, suspense, and joy all in a few short bars. At Merriam, violin students can expect to get all of the fundamentals covered, and then move on to exploring their instrument in new and interesting settings with others.

If you’re looking to enhance your existing public or private school program, or want to explore the exciting world of the violin or fiddle, we’d love to see you here at Merriam!

  • The Gear: All of our rooms are sound-proofed, and equipped with music computers to enhance the learning where appropriate
  • The Coaches: Each of our violin teachers have years of industry experience, and every one of them receive up to 80 hours of training each and every year
  • The Gigs: What’s the fun of learning violin, if you can’t take to the stage and impress? We’ve got dozens of opportunities every single year for you to explore the inner performer in you!
Violin Ensemble

Band Chops PLUS ®

(Merriam’s Groundbreaking Bolt-On Program to Private Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone Lessons)

Ages: 7 – 80
Genres: Rock, Pop, Alt, Indie, Blues, Classic Rock, Grunge, Metal
Available to Join: September-October, January-February
Structure: One monthly 2-hour lesson | Flexi-Time Scheduling

It’s extremely rare that a strings player has an opportunity to interface with today’s modern music. The vast majority of repertoire written for violin tends to be limited to classical. HOWEVER, if you want to explore your instrument within the setting of a contemporary rock or pop group, then Band Chops Plus is for you!

  • explore some of the basic improvising concepts you learn in private lessons, in an organic band setting
  • meet fellow musicians exploring the same type of music, in a similar age range
  • perform with the bands in an intense, multi-media performance experience in our Broadcast and Performance Centre

Violin Lessons

Length:30 / 60 Minutes
RCM Exam Compatible:Yes
Start Date:Throughout the year
Term:40 Lessons/Year
Admission:Open admission
Genre: Classical

Featured Violin Teachers

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