One amazing thing about music is that it is not limited to anyone; it belongs to everyone and can be enjoyed and created by anyone. Today we take a peek into the life of a young man who against all odds has built a lasting relationship with the world through music.

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When this young man was born without eyes or the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, it blew a devastating blow to his parents. He was unable to walk and would therefore be wheelchair bound his entire life. His father had been looking forward to playing baseball with his son, but this was not to be.

Patrick Henry Hughes was blind and paralyzed at birth. He was born with-out eyes and had a condition which left him bound to a wheelchair.

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When his parents saw that their child was born with a handicap they asked themselves “Why us.”

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This feeling of defeat was finally overcome when on his first birthday, Patrick’s parents placed him in front of a piano. They naturally assumed that like any year-old baby, he would mash around the keys.

In fact, they didn’t pay much attention to what Patrick was doing, but they soon realized he wasn’t just banging on the keys. To their amazement, their baby boy was actually playing the same keys that his father would play to him correctly.

Instantly, his son began stroking the keys naturally. To make matters even more impressive, Patrick couldn’t see the keys at all, but he memorized their placement through a sense of feel and touch. Via Shareably

By the time he turned two, Patrick could play songs on the piano after hearing them just once.

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Patrick’s father was finally able to give up the baseball dreams he had for his son. He had found a new way to bond with his son – through music. He committed himself to support his son, which created an unbreakable bond between father and son.

As Patrick grew, so did his passion and talent. By grade school, he was playing old standards, by high school the blues. By the time he was in college at the University of Louisville, he had captivated everyone around him with his trumpet and piano capabilities.

His ability to awe others around him never quit! Via God Fruits

Patrick is now 19 years old, and in addition to being an amazing pianist, he is also a university student who plays a wide array of musical instruments. He is also an accomplished singer and plays trumpet for his university’s marching and pep band.

Patrick’s father works a night shift so he can accompany his son to his classes during the day to provide the visual aid Patrick requires. He also guides the wheelchair during band practice and game formations.

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Patrick Henry Hughes

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When you know more about the Hughes family of Louisville, Kentucky, you’ll better understand why they were chosen to have Ty Pennington and the gang of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” designers renovate their house into a safer and more accessible home for their blind and handicapped son, Patrick Henry.

Patricia and Patrick John Hughes’s eldest son, Patrick Henry, (19) was born without eyes and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, leaving him unable to walk. The wheelchair-bound Patrick Henry has not let obstacles stand in the way of achieving his goals. Patrick Henry showed extraordinary abilities at a very early age despite his physical challenges. Via Elite Extreme Dream