Singing and playing the piano at the same time is something that all music enthusiasts have wanted to try at some point of time or the other. But while doing both, it is likely that you’ll lose concentration on one, in no time. While paying too much attention to the piano keys, you might find yourself mumbling to the song. Likewise, you can also mess up with the piano timing in the same way.

Getting the right skills to do both will take a lot of practice. So here are a couple of guidelines that’ll help you try out both with equal ease and confidence. This might apparently seem impossible, but with the right guidelines and a proper approach, you will soon get the hang of it.

Hit that Perfect Posture

Remember, having the right posture is one of the key guidelines to get the perfect note. Good posture indicates good breathing which further results in excellent sound. It doesn’t really matter whether you sit or stand, as long as you have the much-needed flexibility in your spine. While playing the piano, you might be tempted to set your posture bending forward, but straightening up not only makes you look better but also improves your technique of breathing.

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Keep Your Mic Positioned in the Correct Way

The way you’re going to posture your mic is likely to affect your breathing technique and posture. So make it a point that the mic is placed in such a way that you do not really have to lean too far. Likewise, your mic should also be placed at a proper height which will encourage you to straighten your spine. No matter how trivial this seems, remember, by placing the mic properly, you’ll get the perfect posture for practicing piano and singing at the same time.

Play and Sing Individually at the Beginning

While carrying out your preparation to master both skills simultaneously, try to concentrate on one skill at a specific time. Once you do this, you will master both the skills individually, and trying them together won’t be much of a hassle.

You can always try this by singing a capella and then working your way to singing along with a pre-recorded track on a piano. After this, you can play a couple if simple chords while focusing on your singing. Right after that, focus on the piano while you sing quietly. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with the keys and then slowly start combining the two.

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Draw Your Power from the Lower Body

While drawing power from your shoulders and necks, make sure you’re not tightening them in any possible way. Instead of this, you should rather center your entire level of control and energy at your pelvic floors. In this way, you will be able to play and sing excellently with proper breathing and with the much needed open throat technique.

If you consider trying the instrument and the song seated, one effective guideline is to sit along the edge of your seat and press yourself as much as you can. Press yourself against the seat for best results. Again, if you find standing more comfortable, make sure legs should have a distance of shoulder-width as you draw your entire power and energy from your feet.

Lightly Play with Your Fingers

Well, this might apparently sound simple, but playing lightly with your fingers, effectively helps you to reduce the unnecessary tension and stress. Likewise, the chances of throwing yourself off is also quite less when you lightly practice with your fingers. As you press the keys, make sure that your touch is light and that your wrists are perfectly flexible. This will help your entire body to be tad more open.

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Practice on a Regular Basis

Well, this is the key to master any skill, and if it’s a difficult skill like playing the piano and singing at the same time, it is indeed high time that you practice on a regular basis. Make it a point to practice at least half an hour every day. Also, if possible record your sessions and your improvements with time. You will likely notice a major difference in your abilities within a month or so.

Well, now that you know the right tricks to master the art of playing the piano while singing at the same time; what’s keeping you waiting? Follow these effective guidelines and you will soon end up being an excellent piano player and singer just like Alicia Keys and so on.

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