Composing a piece of amazing melody can be a tricky affair indeed! One of the biggest challenges confronted during this fascinating journey is to overcome those intimidating spells of songwriter’s blocks! These dreadful situations do crop up once in a while, and seem to sap all your creativity and enthusiasm.

The worst part is that, these unproductive spells might end up lasting for a couple of days or weeks! Needless to mention, these writer’s blocks can be very difficult to deal with. Staring helplessly at those blank pages not only gives you unbearable mental pain but also leaves your confidence levels shattered.

Generally speaking, a songwriter’s block cannot be attributed to any particular reason; it’s a cumulative manifestation of several significant elements in an individual’s life such as the state of mind at that point of time, the weather, certain situations or adversities and last but not the least, stress. Fortunately, there are a number of simple yet highly effective strategies for tiding over this crisis:

Experimenting with different Locations

Whenever you are feeling down in the dumps, just remember that writer’s blocks happen to be a part and parcel of every creative individual’s life. Not even a single lyricist exists in this world, who has not faced such trying spells at some point of time in his/her songwriting career. Instead of sticking to the same old sources of inspiration, why not remove yourself from the monotony and venture into new territories?

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After all, variety is the spice of life, so try finding inspiration in completely new places for a refreshing change! Ever thought of composing lyrics in your garden, or perhaps a serene beach? Let the beauty of the fresh blossoms or the turbulent waves of the ocean seep into your system and stir those poignant emotions which you would love to pen down, then and there!

Focusing on Organizing Your Thoughts

Creative people often succumb to their whims or fancies. Being organized in approach might be a bit challenging for such minds. However, you must keep in mind that de-cluttering is an absolute necessity for facilitating the free flow of creative energy.

Keeping your surroundings free from clutter and abiding by a daily or weekly routine, would surely help. This sense of discipline would automatically be reflected in your thought process. Choosing peaceful locations and setting personal deadlines can speed up the process.

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Brainstorming Sessions for Bringing those Dormant Ideas to Life

Open a blank document on your computer, or take a sheet of paper and start scribbling down random words which come to your mind, even if they don’t make any sense. Or you could also store your ideas in a voice recorder. You can refer to these later for hunting clues embedded amidst these streams of consciousness. While listening to your favorite numbers, meditate deeply and pay attention to the chord progressions for analyzing the patterns and learning to create melody.

Being a Little Gentle on Yourself

Getting rid of your unnecessary obsession for perfection would tremendously help in relieving those feelings of anxiety and displeasure. Hard-core perfectionists unknowingly end up hampering the uninterrupted flow of creative juices. Striving for perfection is magnificent, but certainly not at the cost of your spontaneity of creative expression. Allow your thoughts to flow freely. If required, the editing can always be done later.

Re-charging Your Mind with New Hobbies

Following the same routine each and every day can really get on your nerves! This is especially true for all those creative souls who hate to be bound by the fetters of time and compulsion. Take frequent breaks from songwriting to engage yourself in a different hobby. This is probably one of the best ways of expelling those unproductive spells and getting out of the rut. Doing what you love can tremendously help in de-stressing your mind and giving your creativity a kick-start.

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If you are having a tough time finishing a half-done song, just leave it aside for a while and switch to something else. Testing your gardening or culinary skills would be excellent options! Or you can simply go for a swim or read your favorite novel. After that when you get back to work, new ideas would easily crop up in your mind.

Finding Ways of Improving Your Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely essential for proper cognitive functioning. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies along with regular workout sessions would boost your energy levels, fight stress and keep you in stellar form. Sipping into hot cappuccino once in a while can rejuvenate and enhance the fluidity of your expressions.

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