Music is the universal language that speaks to your very soul while the lyrics are the syntax, a rhythmic concrete structure into which the abstractedness of the melody is moulded. From the dawn of civilization to the present times, music has been an integral and indispensable part of our lives.

If you are sad, upset or going through a rough day, you can always count on those soothing musical notes to uplift your spirits! Music moves you emotionally; it has an almost cathartic effect on your mind purifying it from all the stress and chaos of reality.

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Songwriting – The Purest Expression of Everything Emotional

Anyone can create a collection of sounds that follow some pattern. But only a few are blessed with the gift to create music. It is not necessary that you get the technicalities correct, music is more about the passion and sincerity that you have for the art.

A song is the perfect juxtaposition of the abstract and the concrete forming an organic whole. The tune, melody, and harmony are intangible, only felt in your heart while the lyrics have a certain structure and rhythm that makes sense to your brain. Writing a song is no easy feat; focus, dedication and patience are your best friends!

Getting Closer to Understanding the Core of Songwriting

Songwriting is all about embracing your uniqueness and going with the flow, but you must also learn how to control this passion. There is no correct way of creating music, everyone has their own methods; while some think of the subject first, there are others who concentrate on the melody and then write the words.

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The points mentioned below will sure give you the small push in the right direction, encouraging you to compose good music. Read through them:

Listen to the Masters

To be a successful musician, it is necessary that you become a pro at listening. There is a lot to learn from the experienced musicians and songwriters. They teach you golden lessons of perseverance and dedication. Good listeners make better learners.

To write good songs you must first listen to good music. Moreover, good music strikes all the right chords of your heart inspiring you to do the same. The biggest asset for an artist is his imagination, learn to observe and analyse your surroundings. Life is your biggest inspiration. The experiences and emotional baggage collected in your lifetime add the heart and soul to your music giving it a universal appeal.

Work Out the Tune

So you have the inspiration, the idea for your song. The next step is to compose the tune and the harmony. Most songwriters get the melody before writing the actual words of the song, if you fall into the same category it is best that you figure out the tune before finding the perfect lyrics to mould accordingly. For this, you also need to get your technical knowledge straight. A combination of the various chords and textures of music form a melody. Experiment and play with the different permutations and combinations of these tunes to create the perfect harmony of sounds for your song.

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Or Maybe Try the Lyrics Instead?

Well if you don’t fall into the above-mentioned category, don’t despair, you can always work out the lyrics first! A song without music is basically poetry; the words must be in a flow, connected in a rhythm to mold it in a melody.

Understand the subject and theme of the song and write a basic framework of words. The rhythm and tempo of the song are decided by the flow of words. A fast pace song will have sharp-endings and crisp consonants while a slow song will have flowy vowel endings. Also, you must figure out a silver lining between the refrain and the verse to maintain the balance.

Christen it!

Now that you’ve figured out the music and the lyrics of the song, all you need to do is give it a name! The title can be a word or a phrase that is repetitively called the “hook”, or the central idea of the song. Remember that it should be connected to the song in some way. The name of your song should be attractive enough to arouse the curiosity of the audience. The perfect title tells you about the theme of the song but maintains a degree of mystery as well.

Smooth Out the Edges

The song is still not ready to be released; you must edit it, refining it further. Analyze and rectify all the technical errors in the tune or structure of the song before you record it.

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