If you’ve ever listened to any music after the early 1900’s, you’ll have probably heard a Gibson. It’s actually pretty close to a guarantee. The most popular guitar Gibson has designed thus far is the Les Paul. You will probably recognize the shape of it in the photos down below.

Thousands of famous musicians spanning across the genres of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal and R&B have played gibson guitars. For some of these musicians, their guitar has even become part of their identity. Imagine Angus Young without his cherry red Gibson SG… you can’t!

Take a read through and see what the top 10 Gibson guitars have been thus far.

Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded on October 11, 1902, and has been making quality instruments ever since. However, most of you may agree with me and say they really started making good stuff in 1952 with the production of the first Les Paul. Ever since then, they have made millions of some of the world’s best instruments.

You may agree, you may disagree, you may not have an opinion about this, but this is the best Gibson electric guitars of all time in my eyes. Enjoy! And please feel free to leave what you think are the best ones in the comments section!

10. 1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Although it was designed for beginners in 1954, you pretty much only see the real pros using the original ones. Gibson still makes the LP Jr., but it is not exactly at entry level price like it was in ’54. Epiphone now has their own version of the Junior for $120 – the price of the Gibson when it came out. Les Paul Juniors have one pickup, which is a single P-90 (usually) pickup in the bridge position. Others have been made or modified to house a humbucker pickup, but the P-90 is the classic and the favorite among most of its players. In 1958, the double cutaway version was produced in addition to the single cutaway. Colors of the LP Jr. included vintage sunburst, cherry red, and the most famous of them all – TV Yellow.

9. Gibson Explorer

Like the Flying V, the Explorer was first released in 1958. Unlike the Flying V, which was re-released in 1967, the Explorer wasn’t brought back until 1976. The Explorer features 2 smoking hot humbuckres, with a Tune-o-matic bridge. Like any other guitar, the Explorer went through design and construction changes over the years in attempt to make a better guitar. The Explorer went through changes in wood, from korina to mahogany to alder and back to korina, and the volume and tone knob arrangement to name a couple. Again, like the V, this guitar is found most commonly in the metal and hard rock families these days.

8. 1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

The biggest way this guitar changed the Les Paul was the revolutionary Tune-O-Matic bridge. It allowed for better action and playability for the player. It featured two P-90 pickups, and it was the last year the Les Paul came standard with them. Still a favorite and always will be mainly because of the P-90s. They produce a sound somewhere in between a single coil and a humbucker, yet nothing like either one of them at the same time. The classic and most luxurious finish on the original and the new unbelievably accurate custom shop reissues has rich slightly cracked finish with a honey-like depth quality to it.

7. Gibson Flying V

This set the standard for pointy guitars everywhere. Yes it came out with the Explorer, but I feel like the V is more famous, and therefore goes in a higher ranked spot. This is the typical guitar you might see on a birthday card for a rock star 10 year old, or more commonly now on the cover of a Guitar Hero case. No matter what, it deserves it 100%. It came out, with the Explorer, in 1958, but it was not received well. It was brought back in ’67 after being discontinued in ’59, and was a smash hit. Blues guitarists worldwide went nuts over this, and today the crowd for the V is more in the hard rock and metal pool.

6. 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The original Les Paul was produced in 1952, but the custom was not introduced until 1954. The idea behind the Gibson Les Paul Custom was to create a more luxurious appearance for the audience (and the player, of course), and a better playing experience for the guitarist. Success. Les Paul wanted a classier looking guitar that the gold, so he suggested black as it made the guitar look like it were wearing a tuxedo. Many nicknames were given to the guitar like “Black Beauty” and “Fretless Wonder.” It featured a Gibson P-90 pickup in the bride position, and a newly designed Seth Lover alnico V pickup in the neck. Seth Lover, as you may know, was the creator of the humbucker pickup. The split diamond headstock inlay signified the guitars importance and high quality. Obviously, that same importance and high quality is still loved today for every style of music imaginable.

5. Gibson ES-335

Perfect for nailing those jazz chords because of its rich and warm semi hollow sound, this has become a favorite of millions of guitarists and fans alike. No, not all of those millions of people are jazz players, because the ES-335 has jumped straight into every single genre imaginable. It is the sound many guitarists have been searching for for years. This guitar is the favorite of guitar heroes ranging from B.B. King, all the way to Tom Delonge. Just like every other guitar on this list, it has changed music forever.

4. 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

With it’s unbelievably versatile 3 pickup switching system and deep jet black finish, this guitar has become instantly recognizable as the “Black Beauty.” Yes, Gibson Custom Shop has made a two pickup black beauty, but the three-pickup is classic BB. Peter Frampton’s signature guitar is his version of the black beauty due to its three-way pickup system. Countless blues guitarists have produced some of the greatest guitar tones out of this “Beauty.”

3. 1961 Gibson SG

This could possibly be one of the most important guitars ever made. This was made to replace the Les Paul, but Les Paul hated it and asked to have his name removed from it. In the 1963, it just became known as the SG, or “Solid Guitar.” The idea was to create a slimmer, lighter guitar that was easier on player’s shoulders. This was successful, but the neck falls down to the ground if you don’t hold it or press your forearm against it, like Angus Young does. The sound it very distinctive, and is great for a ton of styles. However, guitarist missed the Les Paul, since this replaced it, and wanted it back. In the late 60’s, Gibson continued production of the Gibson Les Paul.

2. 1957 Gibson Les Paul

This was the first year the famous Les Paul came with humbuckers. It changed everything. It still had the gold finish as the earlier 1950’s Les Pauls and a natural wood stained back and sides with a bound top. You will still see countless professional and nonprofessional guitarists using this beauty. It is a wonder of a guitar that has produced millions of tasteful solos and slick licks over the past 50+ years.

These are all fantastic guitars, but one still tops them all. And that is… drumroll please…

1. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Okay, actually, if you don’t agree with me on this one then you should be hit in the head with a shovel. Yeah, that just happened. This is the most coveted guitar in history. They cost as much as a house – upwards of $250k. I have heard of these going for as much as $400k! They set the standard for thousands of guitars today, and have influenced millions of beginners to play guitar, as well as millions of guitarists to write songs! Players of this guitar include the greats such as Billy Gibbons, Slash, Jimmy Page (a 1960), Paul McCartney (also a 1960), and so many more it would be impossible to name them all! Easily one of the most famous guitars in history.


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