merriam productions studio b - recording studio toronto
The entire Studio B Setup. Control room, iso-booth, and piano/medium-room.

Welcome to Merriam Productions Recording Studio

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The Space

Merriam Music is incredibly excited to announce the opening of our new purpose-built recording studio, proudly designed by Piltchner & Associates. This mid-sized studio has been designed from the ground up for several roles, from solo, small, and mid-size ensemble recording (‘off-the-floor’ and iso setups offered), to solo piano, vocal recording and over-dub work, and more. It includes a massively spacious control room – one of the largest in Toronto. The Merriam Recording Studio also features direct feeds with video link to the Broadcast stage directly above, meaning live performance can also be captured in discrete, hi-fidelity multi-track sessions.

At the helm of this new facility is our Engineer, Mike Tompa, hailing recently from London, England. Mike is best known for his work at the famed Outhouse Studios, the home of new indie rock in the UK. With several recording packages available, Mike and crew are ready to welcome you to the west GTA’s most versatile recording setup.

We Accommodate Any Project


For Bands

Merriam Productions is ideally designed to accommodate rock, pop, and jazz groups, ranging in size from 3-5 members “live off the floor,” and an unlimited number of tracking and over-dubbing possibilities. With an iso-booth designed to accommodate drums, guitar, or vocal recording, and an A room equipped with grand piano and full back-line, the sky is the limit for your group!


For Soloists

Whether you’re a classical pianist, a jazz guitarist, a singer/songwriter, or any other solo instrument, Merriam Productions’ professionally designed and built studio will give you the acoustic isolation you need with a quality of instrumentation and equipment matched in few other locations in the GTA. Ask about our producer rates as well to take your solo project to the next level.


For Voiceover / Commercial

Merriam Productions features one of the largest control rooms in the city, meaning that you have the ability to track right next to the engineer, or work out of the A room or iso booth. With a healthy range of mics, as well as access to ANY high-end mic choice you might need, Merriam Productions makes it easy to come and finish off a project, or lay down some commercial work.

Studio Layout and Diagram



Merriam Productions contains a number of spaces and components that make up its facility. Click the photo on the left for an enlarged view of both levels of the Merriam Productions Facility.

  • Studio A is a large recording, performing, and broadcast facility equipped with the latest in video and audio infrastructure, situated immediately above the control room. The rooms are linked with large patch bays, intercoms, and 3-camera video link.
  • Studio B is a medium-sized recording space designed for small ensemble, rock band, and solo recordings. It is also the home to the hand-made, hand-picked Shigeru Kawai 7′ Semi-concert grand: absolutely one of the finest instruments available for recording.
  • The Control Room is a large architecturally and acoustically designed space ideal for tracking, mixing, and collaborating. The large floor area allows for group discussion, producer management of a session, tracking off the floor, and auditioning of audio and video materials.
  • The Iso-booth can handle acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, or drums as needed. It is entirely isolated and equipped with its own patch bays.