What We Offer…

For The Artist

Merriam Productions’ Recording Studio is amongst the most well equipped and professionally designed / built small-to-medium sized studio in the entire GTA. If you are a solo artist (particularly piano), a duo/trio, a pop or rock band, or a commercial artist in need of tracking, mixing, or recording services, Merriam Productions proudly welcomes you to experience our difference.

The Space

To begin with, the space itself is masterfully conceived by studio design firm Pilchner & Associates. They’ve designed more than a hundred of the world’s most recognized and acclaimed studio spaces, and they have transformed this space into something truly world-class. Every element of the acoustic experience has been considered – wall angles, sound absorption, isolation – it’s all covered. The vibe of the space is truly professional, with a subdued but spacious control room to foster any creative moment you have.

The Piano

One of the first questions any group asks a studio is what their piano is. At Merriam Productions we are absolutely spoiled. Because of our direct affiliation to Merriam Pianos, not only do we have a permanently stationed Shigeru Kawai SK-6 in the studio space, but artists have an option of choosing ANY of Merriam Pianos’ fine instruments to record on should they choose to record in the larger Broadcast Centre (directly above the studio and completely wired in).

The Engineer / Producer

Every artist has the opportunity to work with our in-house engineer, Mike Tompa. His experience recording solo, small, and medium sized groups in London, England earned him praise throughout the industry – especially for his work with solo piano / guitar, and indie rock/pop groups. In addition to Mike, Merriam also offers producing services from some of music’s biggest names in studio. Mike Siracusa and Calvin Beale are available to craft your project in a full collaborative process for an additional fee.

The Rates

Perhaps the most compelling thing to Toronto-area artists about Merriam Productions is the price. Despite being one of the best equipped facilities of its kind, the pricing is accessible, and flexible scheduling allows for many budgets to be accommodated. Before you count studio time out of your project due to price, or if you are shopping around for options, be sure to check out our rates here.

For The Student or Teacher

Merriam Productions recording studio is a living, breathing facility which will serve thousands of professional musicians over it’s lifetime. However, it is also designed and intended as a high-level educational facility. Several applications have been baked-in to the DNA of this amazing facility, and we invite students, teachers, and schools alike to explore them!

Pro-Tools & Other Software Training

The industry standard for recording systems has, and will be for some time, Protools by Avid. Musicians of any age that want to start exploring recording themselves at home, or in a studio, will do themselves well to become familiar with Protools. Since Protools comes in several levels of complexity (the version the studio uses will be different than what’s on your laptop), the principles that you learn at Merriam Productions will be directly applicable to your at-home setup. Software training will be offered throughout the year in the form of one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as full curriculum courses. Courses will begin in September of 2014.

The Art of Recording

Simply knowing how to use a piece of software doesn’t capture the precision of mic’ing technique, isolating a drum set, or knowing how to use time efficiently in a studio. Beginning in the summer of 2014, recording camps will be offered to those who really want to explore and experience what it means to operate a studio.

Field Trips

Between Merriam’s Recording Studio and Broadcast Centre, students have the opportunity to see some of the most sophisticated equipment in the areas of video, lights, sound, and stage production. Full DMX lighting, our gigantic PROTRON hi-def video background, stadium-style PA systems, as well as the recording studio will give any class an eye-opening look at modern performance production.