Music Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers | 10 Fun & Easy Music Activities for Childhood Development

Music Activities

Music activities are a wonderful way to spend time with your child. On top of having fun expressing yourselves, there are so many benefits of music making. Singing songs can help with a child’s language development, dance can help develop their gross motor skills, and playing musical instruments can help develop fine motor skills. Here […]

Here’s How One Musician Is Using Her Piano Skills To Make A Difference In the World

man playing the piano

If you thought your piano skills are simply meant to make you happy or let you master classical piano compositions, then you need to think again. Or if you loathe the piano lessons and practice sessions that your parents are so keen about, then this post is for you. Piano music is a great gift […]

Why Music Lessons Could Be The Best Intervention For Children With Learning Disorders

music being used to soothe a child in hospital

The benefits of music are widely appreciated today. Music truly accompanies us in our day to day activities and is with us during the different stages of our lives. Even our bodies naturally respond to music involuntarily. Benefits of music lessons Music lessons have been found to be beneficial in the developmental stages of children […]

How To Use Music Strategically – Know What Works When

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There are so many genres of music out there – it’s actually very difficult, if not downright impossible, to be acquainted with all of them. The interesting thing with music is that it affects you whether you know a song or not. As such, you can use any type of music in whichever way you see […]

How Music Is Useful For All Aspects Of Life

how music is useful in life

Music is a universal art that is appreciated by people from all walks of life. The genre and style may vary, but it is music all the same, and a central factor in many cultures. It constitutes an intricate part of daily human life. Whether in times of celebration or just in the routines of […]

9 Tips For Motivating Your Child To Practice Music

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Parents and kids are often quite excited when children start out on their music lessons. However, this initial excitement and drive will likely start fading over time, especially for the kids. If parents do not put enough effort to keep their kids motivated, kids will easily quit music lessons and then regret their decision later […]

Earn As You Learn Music – Practical Employment Options For Music Enthusiasts

Music has this magical ability to uplift your mood! Feeling blue? Had a rough day? A soothing track from your favorite band is just the thing you need! Admit it, we’ve all shouted our favorite songs at the top of our lungs in the shower. But what if you could be much more than a […]

The Sound Of Music – Empowering Humanity’s Gift Of Language

Do you remember coming across a person in life who does not love music? The power of music is so intense that succumbing to its sweetness seems to be the most spontaneous reaction of individuals! When it comes to the role of music in human lives, the aspect of relaxation or entertainment is just the […]

Why Collective Music Making Could Be The Best Excursion You Could Facilitate For Your Children

drumming children

Playing music as a part of a band can be extremely entertaining, as well as rewarding for youngsters. Apart from giving their self-esteem a sufficient boost, making music together can be one of the healthiest outlets for creativity and a plethora of emotions. When children work together in a group for an upcoming performance, discipline […]

Singing Can Help Improve Your Child’s Speech!

boy performing

Developing children can really benefit from music – and not just in one way. In addition to boosting their moods, keeping them on their feet and helping to build their confidence, research also shows that including music in a child’s life can also improve their speech. Music can improve literacy. “The way we process musical […]