Will Piano Lessons Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance?

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Your little one won’t become the next prodigy or maestro, but is sure to find it easier learning mathematics and science than his or her peers. Plus, expect him/her to be more well-mannered and patient. And, your child will definitely be able to gel well with people and be a team player. All this and […]

The Relationship Between The Guitar And The Piano

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The guitar and piano are instruments that are found all over the world and compared to other instruments, they are easily accessible. It is not uncommon to hear of a significant percentage of any given population that had an opportunity to learn either of these instruments, even if they did not master them. There is […]

Be Inspired By These Two Piano Lovers’ Stories

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There is so much that a passionate person can do! All the inventions that exist today came from someone that was unrelenting in his or her desire to make a difference. It is no different in the world of music. Despite the fact that learning an instrument has its own challenges and discouragements, there are […]

8 Irrefutable Reasons To Motivate Your Child To Learn The Piano

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Extra-curricular activities such as piano lessons are massive determinants of success for your kid. Scientific studies have proved time and again how music lessons in early childhood boost brain capacity and intelligence. Kids who are introduced to music at an early age are less prone to anxiety and depression attacks as adults. It even improves […]

What Are Some Tips For Learning To Play The Piano As An Adult?

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Time is fleeting and it’s no good looking back at the past with regret. So you couldn’t pursue your musical dream, big deal. You can always start now. It is never too late to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or sixty-five, all you need is practice and willpower to master the piano. Mentioned […]

Piano Lessons Are Like Chicken Soup For Your Child’s Mental And Emotional Health – Here’s Why

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The range of benefits offered by piano lessons for children is really extensive. The purpose of piano lessons is not just about providing your kids with an opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. Apart from boosting the cognitive functioning of your child’s brain and sharpening his/her analytical or mathematical skills, piano lessons […]