Can Musical Training Improve Your Math Skills?

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A link between music and math may sound bizarre for many of us. When we think of music, we think of graceful fluidity and mood-enhancement, while math will usually trigger memories of complicated equations or rigid functions, sets and statistical correlations. As such, it may come as a surprise that there is indeed a link […]

5 Reasons Why Taking Piano Lessons Is A Worthwhile Decision

Why would anyone want to learn piano when becoming a professional pianist is a dream that will only come true for the minority? For one, it’s fun! But it also gives you skills that will be beneficial for your life and particularly for your brain functions. The following infographic from Encore Music Lessons highlights the major […]

Affordable Ways To Make Music A Part Of Your Child’s Development

Whether it’s through intentional effort or not, music plays an important role in children’s lives, both formally and informally. Music is one of the few things that can stimulate the entire brain, impacting one’s cognition, motor skills, language, emotional health and social development. Thanks to increased and widespread knowledge, most parents today appreciate these benefits. […]