W Hoffmann T177 | Tradition Series | Grand Piano Review

W Hoffmann T177

The W. Hoffmann series of pianos from the C. Bechstein Europe parent company presents many choices for todayโ€™s piano buyer. The Vision series is the entry point to the line and offers a modern, handcrafted European piano from the Czech Republic for about the price of a professional Japanese instrument, while the top-end Professional series […]

W Hoffmann P162 Professional Series | Baby Grand Piano Review

W Hoffmann P162

C Bechsteinโ€™s W Hoffmann brand offers an undeniably intriguing set of pianos. Consisting of three different lines of different quality, the W. Hoffmann is a fully European handmade alternative to a German piano for a fraction of the price. In this article and review video weโ€™ll be looking at the entry point to the Professional […]