Does My 6-Year-Old Absolutely Need A Piano Or Will A Keyboard Suffice For A While?

boy playing the piano

Purchasing your child’s first piano can be a daunting task. It’s preceded by a veritable minefield of questions – should I buy a piano or should I rent one? Is it okay to buy a keyboard rather for initial lessons? What sort of a piano or a keyboard should I purchase? What is the maintenance […]

How Gifted Children Can Learn Piano Through Proper Goal Setting

balls and a goal

The piano is an instrument that has attracted the attention of many people in the world. Anyone interested in learning it can achieve their dream if the right support is given to them. Gifted kids are no exception, and they should be given the support they need as they explore their talents and abilities. Care […]

What Is It About The Piano That’s Got China So Excited?

The history of pianos in China goes way back to the early 17th century, when Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit missionary, presented it as part of a cache of gifts to the Wanli emperor. At the time, although China boasted rich musical traditions and a host of both imported and domestic instruments, none among these […]

3 Surefire Tricks to Avoid Getting Bored During Piano Practice

People love to play the piano for different reasons. You may want to be able to play your favorite classical piano pieces, or to take piano examinations or even take part in performances, festivals or competitions. Whatever the case, you will need to put in a good number of hours of practice if you’re going […]