The Benefits Of Music – Beyond Arts And Entertainment

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Music has for ages been a great tool for expression of human feelings and emotions. When a song is written, you can tell exactly what the person was feeling. Music has been written to express joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation and an array of other emotions. Since we all have emotions, we can identify with […]

How To Use Music Strategically – Know What Works When

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There are so many genres of music out there – it’s actually very difficult, if not downright impossible, to be acquainted with all of them. The interesting thing with music is that it affects you whether you know a song or not. As such, you can use any type of music in whichever way you see […]

When Science And Classical Music Meet – A Real Life Story

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If you have always thought that science and music are worlds apart since they are categorized as “science” and “art” respectively, you may want to rethink your position after reading this post. How Science and Music are related The foundations of both science and music have similarities. They both have theories and rules that govern […]

Why You Should Make Classical Music One Of Your Favorites

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It has existed for quite a long while and has stolen the hearts of many music lovers. Classical music has its own unique style which cannot be easily confused for any other genre of music. The notes and sounds are so elaborate and easy to detect. Different people have different opinions about classical music. While […]

The Different Ways Classical Music Has Become Part Of Today’s World

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There may be a lot of gloom and doom surrounding the topic of classical music as an art form, but we’re not going to talk about that. Today we’re going to focus on the most unexpected ways that classical music has found its way into modern life. These are just a few of the things […]

Researchers Discover Not All Classical Music Produces ‘The Mozart Effect’


Listening to classical music has for a long time been associated with smarter brains, and this has been supported by various research studies. Researchers are now finding that not all classical music affects the brain, so if you’re playing classical music for your infant, you may want to pay attention to which classical composer you […]

The Magical Benefits of Classical Music Every Human Should Enjoy

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People can’t live without music, they just CAN’T! With so many genres and so many artists worldwide, it doesn’t take long until you find out what type of music suits your eardrums. A lot of studies have also been conducted by many researchers to observe, understand, and quantify the effect music has on human beings. […]