Why You Should Make Classical Music One Of Your Favorites

opera room

It has existed for quite a long while and has stolen the hearts of many music lovers. Classical music has its own unique style which cannot be easily confused for any other genre of music. The notes and sounds are so elaborate and easy to detect. Different people have different opinions about classical music. While […]

Researchers Discover Not All Classical Music Produces ‘The Mozart Effect’


Listening to classical music has for a long time been associated with smarter brains, and this has been supported by various research studies. Researchers are now finding that not all classical music affects the brain, so if you’re playing classical music for your infant, you may want to pay attention to which classical composer you […]

NYCs Last Classical Sheet Music Store to Close

So NYC’s last classical sheet music store is soon to close. Is this the end of classical music as we know it? NO! There was more sheet music sold online than ever before. Sheet music has never been more accessible. Anyone that has access to a computer either at home or at the library and […]