The Case For Music Theory – Why Invest In It?

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In life, things explain other things in amazing ways. For instance, in any building, there is a foundation, which is the defining factor of how strong the building will be and also determines how high the building can go. Deep foundations can support tall structures, while one-storied buildings or bungalows don’t need foundations that are […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Listening To Modern Classical Music


Without going into historical detail, contemporary or modern classical music broadly refers to post-1945 classical music forms. This is the type of music that traces its primary lineage to classical composers from the 20th century or earlier rather than genres such as pop, jazz, folk or rock. However, this does not stop modern classical musicians […]

Reviving Improvisation In Classical Music And Why It’s So Important

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Classical music greats like Back and Beethoven gained repute at their time, not so much for their compositions, but for their improvisations. A typical concert in their time would involve a full recital of music that was improvised. No wonder their creativity resulted in musical pieces that are still held in awe today. Improvisation was […]

Breakthrough in Making Classical Cool: One Artistic Director’s Approach

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Most people generally have a negative view of classical music, often dismissing it as irrelevant and not for them. Classical music is considered outdated and out-of-touch with today’s music world. Fusty, dusty and downright boring. Written by dead white men and only listened to by the posh, the snobbish and the elderly. Regardless of how completely […]

8 Interesting Facts About Beethoven You Probably Don’t Know

17th December was marked as Beethoven’s anniversary. In keeping with the celebrations, we’ve done some research and come up with 8 interesting facts about Beethoven you probably don’t know: 1. No one is really sure about Beethoven’s birth date Although we celebrate 17th December as his birthday, it was actually the day of his baptism. […]