Fun Classical Music – Is That Even Possible?


Classical music may not be for everyone, but it can sure find its ways into modern life despite the naysayers. One example of this is a video that’s gone viral over the last week or so. Tony Ann is a brilliant musician with a knack for drawing out the classical version of modern songs. In […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Listening To Modern Classical Music


Without going into historical detail, contemporary or modern classical music broadly refers to post-1945 classical music forms. This is the type of music that traces its primary lineage to classical composers from the 20th century or earlier rather than genres such as pop, jazz, folk or rock. However, this does not stop modern classical musicians […]

The Different Ways Classical Music Has Become Part Of Today’s World

classical performers

There may be a lot of gloom and doom surrounding the topic of classical music as an art form, but we’re not going to talk about that. Today we’re going to focus on the most unexpected ways that classical music has found its way into modern life. These are just a few of the things […]

Reviving Improvisation In Classical Music And Why It’s So Important

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Classical music greats like Back and Beethoven gained repute at their time, not so much for their compositions, but for their improvisations. A typical concert in their time would involve a full recital of music that was improvised. No wonder their creativity resulted in musical pieces that are still held in awe today. Improvisation was […]

5 Ways Technology Has Become Part of Classical Music Performance

Opera Hall

Classical music enthusiasts are making significant contributions to keeping the genre relevant and appealing to society. One way they are doing this is by taking full advantage of the technological innovations that exist today to exploit new growth opportunities. In particular, there have been a number of efforts to bring technology to the opera concert […]

Technology Might Just Be What Classical Music Needs

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Classical music definitely has more than its fair share of naysayers. Unfortunately, most of the arguments they put forward as they insist that classical music is dead have a certain element of truth in them. This is because the decline of classical music has been observed in various forms. Classical music has been circling the […]

7 Music Careers You May Not Have Thought About

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“You don’t have to be a singer to have a classical music career” That’s what classical music professionals have to say to music students. Although performance and education are the most obvious routes in the classical music industry, there are many more careers one can pursue. We look at 7 different careers that have been […]

Breakthrough in Making Classical Cool: One Artistic Director’s Approach

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Most people generally have a negative view of classical music, often dismissing it as irrelevant and not for them. Classical music is considered outdated and out-of-touch with today’s music world. Fusty, dusty and downright boring. Written by dead white men and only listened to by the posh, the snobbish and the elderly. Regardless of how completely […]

Bill Zuckerman: The Reasons Why Classical Music Is Believed To Be On A Steady Decline

Many people believe that classical music is a dying practice, but that is only because they take a surface view of it, according to Bill Zuckerman. Admittedly, there is a host of reasons why classical music is believed to be on a steady decline. For instance, Zuckerman points out that many symphonic orchestras have in […]

Living Examples of How The Young Generation Is Saving Classical Music

2 Cellos

As Christmas concerts open everywhere, the perennial worry about the future of classical music persists. A lot of conversations are centered on funding for orchestras, the ‘aging’ audience and the challenge of introducing children to classical music. Although classical music faces a lot of challenges, the truth is that generally, music is becoming so much […]