Bill Zuckerman: The Reasons Why Classical Music Is Believed To Be On A Steady Decline

Many people believe that classical music is a dying practice, but that is only because they take a surface view of it, according to Bill Zuckerman. Admittedly, there is a host of reasons why classical music is believed to be on a steady decline. For instance, Zuckerman points out that many symphonic orchestras have in […]

Living Examples of How The Young Generation Is Saving Classical Music

2 Cellos

As Christmas concerts open everywhere, the perennial worry about the future of classical music persists. A lot of conversations are centered on funding for orchestras, the β€˜aging’ audience and the challenge of introducing children to classical music. Although classical music faces a lot of challenges, the truth is that generally, music is becoming so much […]

Is classical music really that relevant today?

In today’s music world, rap, alternative, pop and rock genres are no doubt dominating the popular music charts, and one may wonder what relevance classical music holds. This is a topic that could lead to endless arguments, but the truth of the matter is that classical music is still essential today. It may not enjoy […]