Kawai CA701 & CA901 Announcement | Kawai CA79 & CA99 Upgrades | New Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai CA701 & CA901

Emergency press conference! We’re excited to pass along that Kawai has just announced that the Concert Artist CA79 and CA99 are being replaced by two brand new models; the Kawai CA701 & CA901. We just got the press kit information on these new Kawai pianos, and we’re pretty impressed by what we’re seeing on the […]

Kawai CA901 | The Digital Piano You Need to Experience

Kawai CA901

Kawai’s Concert Artist Series (CA Series) of premium digital pianos have enjoyed a spot within the upper echelon of the digital piano market for a number of years now, across multiple product generations. Kawai does have one digital product line above the CA models – the NOVUS NV hybrid instruments – but the Kawai CA […]

Kawai CA701 | Digital Piano Review | New Kawai Digital Piano

Kawai CA701

Kawai’s Concert Artist series (CA Series) of musical instruments have been among the best high-end home digital pianos for quite a few years now, and for a time even occupied the top spot in Kawai’s digital piano hierarchy. The release of the NOVUS NV series hybrid pianos a few years ago ultimately formed a new […]

Kawai CA49 | Digital Piano Review | Kawai Concert Artist Series Digitals

Kawai CA49 Digital Piano

We’ve got another in-depth piano review for you here today as we dive into the Kawai CA49 digital piano – the follow-up to the popular CA48. Like the CA48 before it, the CA49 is one of the most affordable home digital pianos with 88 wooden keys and offers up a beautiful sample of the Shigeru […]