The Little Known Secrets Of Playing Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar

The guitar has gone through many developments and there are always new things going on in terms of innovation. The acoustic guitar has been on the more “traditional” side of guitar types, with its distinguishing features being the wood from which it is made and its strings. The electric guitar brought with it many new […]

A Crash Course on Sliding: A Legato Technique Master Guitarists Love

slide guitarist in action

‘Sliding’ is a unique and extremely popular legato technique and has equal significance for experienced guitarists and novices. Slides facilitate the effortless blending of two or more musical notes and aids in heightening guitar melody. Slides also enable your fingers to navigate seamlessly from one particular spot to another, while moving along the fret board. […]

You Can Be A GREAT Guitarist – Read To Find Out How

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Anyone fantasizing about becoming a sensational guitarist in future is more than eager to unlock the mysteries of all the fantastic guitarists across the world! Why is it that some players reach the zenith of their musical careers quite soon, while others struggle to remain afloat in a sea of frustration and unfulfilled dreams? Drawing […]

The Shortest Possible Comprehensive Guide To 9 Important Guitar Lessons

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When a strong willpower is backed by the right amount of patience, dedication and sincerity in efforts, the final outcome can be quite overwhelming! If you are really determined about learning to play the guitar, then nothing in this world should be able to dampen your spirits. Remember, even the simplest of melodies cannot be […]

How Ear Training Can Make You A Better Guitarist


If you dream of matching up to the genius of B.B. King and Eric Clapton you have to understand their music first. The golden rule is; play less, listen more. Ear training, as the name suggests, is all about training your ears to the different tunes of the guitar. Read through the guide to know […]

Dynamics Could Be Your Secret Shortcut To Success With Guitar – Here’s How

In the context of guitar playing, ‘dynamics’ refers to alterations in volume during various segments of performances. Employing ‘dynamics’ while playing the guitar involves playing a few sections louder or softer with respect to others, for giving rise to riveting emotions and leaving a powerful impact on the audience. Guitar dynamics has always been a […]

The Power Guide To Being And Staying In Love With Your Guitar Practice

Playing the guitar is a wonderful hobby that lets you explore the vivid avenues of music. But many guitar players find it extremely difficult to juggle between their work and practice. While some of them can’t manage to find time, others get de-motivated and lose inspiration. So if you’re bearing the same brunt while practicing […]

The Perfect Guitar Routine Is Achievable – Here’s The ‘Everything’ Guide

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Rome was not built in a day. And before you start practicing for your ‘unattainable’ guitar routine, it is important to acknowledge the fact that you would have to truly make up your mind and come up with a concrete solution for making the impossible task possible. Perfecting a guitar routine requires you to make […]

Why Female Guitar Players Will Love St. Vincent’s New Guitar

st Vincent guitar

Women that love playing guitar will be happy to know that there’s now a guitar design that’s a better match for their bodies. And we have Annie Clark to thank for that. Her love for guitars can is evident when she describes the instrument as her life – the shield, weapon and vehicle that has […]

Troubles Of Every New Guitar Student, And Their Solutions

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Playing the guitar sharpens your mind; there’s no doubt about that. It helps you shake the stress off your mind, and ignites passion and ambition in you. Moreover, who minds being the heartthrob of one and all, particularly when you look so cool and awesome with your guitar resting on your shoulder! It is scientifically […]