Roland vs Kawai | Sampling vs Modeling Sound Engine Comparison | Roland FP-90X vs Kawai ES920 Digital Pianos

Sampling vs Modeling

If you spend any amount of time exploring the digital piano space, you’ll inevitably come across the terms ‘sampling’ and ‘modeling’ fairly often, whether reading down specs sheets or checking out full-length model reviews. If you aren’t a professional gigging pianist or haven’t been an observer in this space for at least a moderate amount […]

Kawai KDP75 vs KDP120 Review | Successors to Kawai KDP70 & KDP110 Digital Pianos

Kawai KDP75 vs KDP120

Product refreshes are some of the most exciting times in the world of digital pianos. Whether it’s a beloved model getting an upgrade to make it even better, or a model that had some obvious flaws that are now getting addressed, there are a lot of different reasons to be excited about a product refresh. […]

Kawai CA701 | Digital Piano Review | New Kawai Digital Piano

Kawai CA701

Kawai’s Concert Artist series (CA Series) of musical instruments have been among the best high-end home digital pianos for quite a few years now, and for a time even occupied the top spot in Kawai’s digital piano hierarchy. The release of the NOVUS NV series hybrid pianos a few years ago ultimately formed a new […]

Kawai ES110 vs ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Kawai ES110 vs ES120

Whenever a popular acoustic or digital piano model receives an update, one of the first things we like to do is a side-by-side comparison between the old and new versions. Knowing exactly what improvements a manufacturer has come up with is important to know for its own sake, but in many cases, shoppers will actually […]