The Benefits Of Music – Beyond Arts And Entertainment

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Music has for ages been a great tool for expression of human feelings and emotions. When a song is written, you can tell exactly what the person was feeling. Music has been written to express joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation and an array of other emotions. Since we all have emotions, we can identify with […]

5 Proven Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music Training for Bettering Human Lives

Here’s a fact – 75% or more students in US high schools keep aloof of music training (as indicated by a recent research published by US Department of Education). It’s almost worrying how so many young children are missing out on the amazing health benefits of music, despite the availability of better music training infrastructures […]

Singing – A Melodious Therapy for Aging Adults

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Apart from the artistic appeal, music has the power to simulate very real, critical, and cherished human emotions. Right from cartoon theme songs to cult rock anthems, from action songs for children to ballads with beautiful lyrics, from celebration songs played year after year to classical tunes from several decades back – different songs and […]

Scientific Study: Music as an Enabler for Supernormal Academic Achievements

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You probably know this already―music helps you enjoy what you’re doing, and become better at it. However, scientists and researchers have dissected this belief to the core, and have exciting results to report, straight from the gym. 20 adults were made to participate in 2 interval workouts involving four cycling sprints interspersed with rest periods […]

[Infographic] 6 Major Health Benefits of Music You Should Know

If you spend too much time listening to music, well now you have a great excuse to keep up the habit. Regardless of your preferred genre, music has health benefits, and there’s lots of research out there to back this up. Here is an infographic highlighting some of the major health benefits you get when […]