Is Talent The Most Important Thing For An Aspiring Musician – Or Is It Overrated?

Lindsey Stirling violin

Is musical talent the most important thing for an aspiring musician? According to Laurie Niles, who has taught violin for 25 years, talent is really not the most important thing. “So you have to be really talented to play the violin, don’t you?” This was a question posed to me last week by an adult […]

The 6 Bad Piano Habits That’ll Never Let You Make It Big – And How To Beat Them

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Learning a piano is an art and the only way to master this skill is by practicing hard with the correct techniques. Beginners undergo a very tricky socialization period. Piano teachers, although they teach everything necessary for the student to know while learning to play piano for the first time, often miss out on some […]

How Emotions Affect A Musician’s Creativity When Improvising

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Psychologists argue that music is far more powerful than language. This is because, in addition to its commonality across borders of culture, race, and nationality, it also has the ability to arouse out feelings and emotions. An increased interest in how the brain processes musical emotion can be attributed to the way in which it […]

10 Reasons Why Laura Whitmore Thinks it’s Sinful to Miss The 2016’ She Rocks Awards at NAMM 2016

she rocks performance

NAMM 2016 came and went, and so did the 2016 SHE Rocks Awards, a special award function hosted at NAMM, honoring the best female musicians for their contributions. The She Rocks Awards are hosted every year at NAMM, by the Women’s International Music Network WiMN. Founder,Β Laura B. Whitmore, had announced that this year was going […]

Intellectual Fireworks: Does Listening or Playing Music Produce Superior Brain Power?

Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music notes drawn on black blackboard texture background. Serene relaxing beautiful young multiracial Asian Caucasian girl enjoying music.

The powerful effects of listening to music make it one of the best pastime activities to relax and have a good time alone or with friends and family. It therefore makes sense that the people that get the most of these benefits are those more actively involved in making and performing music – musicians. Here […]

What Does Is It Really Mean To Be A Self-Taught Musician?

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Being a self-taught musician gives you serious bragging rights – that is not in question. However, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with being self-taught, because when most people hear that an instrumentalist is self-taught, they automatically assume the person took up an instrument and figured out how to play with no help from […]

Brain-Damaged Violinist Composes Music Thanks To Mind-Reading Technology

There’s nothing as devastating to a musician as being robbed of the ability to make music, but that is exactly what happened to Rosemary Johnson, 27 years ago. The 23-year old talented violinist was a member of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra and had a bright future as a world class musician when a devastating […]

Yes, You Needed To Be At NAMM 2016 To See Some Futuristic Music Instruments


Considered to be the most important event in the music industry, the NAMM is a prolific music and equipment show that ran from the January 21st to Sunday, January 24th, 2016. The show was set to host nearly 100,000 visitors and over 1,400 exhibitors displaying and promoting their latest musical equipment. The 2015 NAMM Show […]