Can Smooth And Contemporary Jazz Be Considered Jazz?

man playing two trumpets

 An extremely popular genre of music, the concept of ‘smooth’ jazz revolves around the same musical instruments associated with traditional jazz, and strongly reflects the influential elements of rock & roll, funk, rhythm & blues, and pop. Smooth jazz tracks happen to be ‘downtempo’, characterized by a lead instrument such as saxophone or guitar, with […]

How Do I Get Started Learning Jazz Piano?

piano and trumpet

It is the spontaneity of creative expression that demarcates the boundary between classical and jazz playing styles. Jazz piano transcends the realms of classical playing and encompasses distinctive sounds and rhythms which are developed by awe-inspiring techniques of improvisation. Since each jazz style is characterized by a unique chord progression and beats, your jazz lessons […]

The Mystery Of Jazz Music Revealed

jazz cake

If you ask most people about jazz music, they will tell you it’s this complex type of music that is quite removed from the usual. Before you dismiss it for an “out-of-bounds” area of music for you, this post will help you appreciate this unusual style of music. What is it? One of the first […]

5 Must Read Books For Music Lovers

Music is extremely powerful in shaping how you think and your personal development. It can manipulated in such as way that allows you to think differently about the world around you. It can politically charged, be inspirational, abstract, and really be just about anything else. Books and music can certainly go hand in hand because […]