Kawai ES120, Kawai CN201 & CN301 | New Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai ES120 Digital Piano

One of the most exciting times of the year for the musical instrument industry is without question the annual NAMM show held in Anaheim. Many manufacturers of all kinds of musical instruments showcase their offerings, and many will save big announcements for their time at NAMM as well. Kawai certainly did that this past NAMM […]

Kawai ES110 vs ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Kawai ES110 vs ES120

Whenever a popular acoustic or digital piano model receives an update, one of the first things we like to do is a side-by-side comparison between the old and new versions. Knowing exactly what improvements a manufacturer has come up with is important to know for its own sake, but in many cases, shoppers will actually […]

Yamaha P125a vs Kawai ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P125A vs Kawai ES120

Kawai and Yamaha have been duking it out in the piano industry for decades at this point, with comparable products positioned against one another at just about every price point, acoustic and digital. Naturally, both manufacturers are big players in the entry-level 88-note full-size weighted key portable digital piano space, and the battle between Kawaiโ€™s […]

Roland FP30X vs Kawai ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Roland FP30X vs Kawai ES120

Finally, Kawaiโ€™s much-anticipated follow-up to the massively popular and successful ES110 is here. Itโ€™s not at all hyperbole to say that the new ES120 has big shoes to fill, and we figured a true trial by fire is the best way to get acquainted with this new Kawai piano. As such, weโ€™re going to be […]