Kawai CA901 | The Digital Piano You Need to Experience

Kawai CA901

Kawai’s Concert Artist Series (CA Series) of premium digital pianos have enjoyed a spot within the upper echelon of the digital piano market for a number of years now, across multiple product generations. Kawai does have one digital product line above the CA models – the NOVUS NV hybrid instruments – but the Kawai CA […]

Yamaha N1X vs Kawai NV10s | Hybrid Piano Comparison & Review | AvantGrand vs Novus Series

Yamaha N1X vs Kawai NV10s

Hybrid pianos are a relatively new addition to the market in recent years and are becoming increasingly popular among players due to their substantial musical potential. Yamaha and Kawai have been the two leaders in this field, which is probably largely owing to the fact that these two companies happen to be among the top […]

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES920 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES920

Portable, all-in-one 88-key digital pianos are very popular among beginner and intermediate players, but they’re also becoming increasingly popular among professionals who need a very authentic grand piano tone, solid touch and onboard speakers. As such, whether or not the end user is a professional or not, certain manufacturers have placed a real focus on […]

Kawai CA701 | Digital Piano Review | New Kawai Digital Piano

Kawai CA701

Kawai’s Concert Artist series (CA Series) of musical instruments have been among the best high-end home digital pianos for quite a few years now, and for a time even occupied the top spot in Kawai’s digital piano hierarchy. The release of the NOVUS NV series hybrid pianos a few years ago ultimately formed a new […]

Kawai ES110 vs ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Kawai ES110 vs ES120

Whenever a popular acoustic or digital piano model receives an update, one of the first things we like to do is a side-by-side comparison between the old and new versions. Knowing exactly what improvements a manufacturer has come up with is important to know for its own sake, but in many cases, shoppers will actually […]

Roland FP60X vs Kawai ES520 | Digital Piano Comparison | Mid-Range Digital Piano Comparison

Roland FP60X vs Kawai ES520

Roland’s FP line has been multitiered for a number of years now, and its current incarnation consists of four different models at different prices and quality levels. Kawai’s ES line conversely has only consisted of two models, and while it could be argued that the Kawai ES110 (now being replaced by the ES120) could be […]

Yamaha P125a vs Kawai ES120 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P125A vs Kawai ES120

Kawai and Yamaha have been duking it out in the piano industry for decades at this point, with comparable products positioned against one another at just about every price point, acoustic and digital. Naturally, both manufacturers are big players in the entry-level 88-note full-size weighted key portable digital piano space, and the battle between Kawai’s […]

Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000 | Stage Piano Review | SuperNATURAL, Grand Feel, Virtual Technician

Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000

If you’ve ventured into the world of professional stage pianos, and are looking at the best the market has to offer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that during your piano research you’ve come across the Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000 comparison. These are two of the most highly respected stage pianos in the business, and very […]

Yamaha vs Kawai | Differences Between Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha vs Kawai

Brands like Steinway and Bechstein are forever associated with the very origins of the piano industry, as well as the innovation of what really a lot of us think of as the modern piano. But few brands have had as large an impact on the modern piano industry as Kawai and Yamaha of Japan. In […]

Kawai DG30 | Digital Grand Piano Review | RHIII Action, Bluetooth MIDI, Onkyo Audio System

Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano

Finally, an affordable digital grand piano from Kawai. If there was one glaring hole in Kawai’s otherwise strong digital piano lineup, it was without question a digital baby grand piano that didn’t totally break the bank like previous models like the CP1. And the fact is, there’s a real demand for products like this – […]