How Should An Adult Start Learning Piano?

piano and music sheet

For an adult, busting the age old myths and embarking on a new musical journey can be quite adventurous and exciting at the same time! Since acquiring piano skills is a long-term goal, it is difficult to accomplish without a certain degree of commitment. However, if you have that motivation in you, coupled with a […]

What Are The Main Reasons People Drop Out Of Piano Lessons?

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Mastering the piano is no easy task, and often the incessant practice sessions and complicated playing techniques encourage the budding pianists into ditching their dreams and quitting their lessons. Here comes Halo and other video games! A recent Facebook survey has revealed shocking facts on how common it is for budding pianists to suddenly lose […]

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Piano Beginners

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The piano is neither an easy instrument nor a difficult one; you just need to be familiar with the chords and basic playing technicalities. With consistent practice, patience, and support from peers and mentors, one can easily learn how to play the piano. Discussed below are the top 10 tips and tricks for piano beginners: […]